Meet GREAT Women Bloggers!

I have been very fortunate to have “met” some of the most dynamic and enthusiastic women bloggers on the planet! So, I decided to dedicate a blog to introduce  you to the first set of women bloggers who I admire. Enjoy getting to know of their brilliance as writers, video bloggers and much more!

Here they are… in no order of preference….


This pint-sized dynamo is known to have outstanding interviews!  Her blog and show are easily found here:

What makes Dara’s blog a stand-out is that she too is so groovy! (My ultimate compliment for those who are new to my blog!)  Dara’s blog is ingenious.  Why?  Well, press the video below just to get a dose of the brilliant Dara Blaker…



Alison is one of my personal heroes.  She took the worst imagniable scenario- the loss of her infant son- and turned it in to a lifelong campaign to keep children and families safe.  Her blog and video blog- is exceptional.  Each blog entry is focused on one thing- keeping people out of harms way.  Recently, Alison has treated us to her trips to Las Vegas for the ABC TOY EXPO, the newest in home security  (ADT) and introduced us to LIFEBELT.  (Really cool stuff here!)  Check out her newest venture at Safety Mom Direct! Store:


Cruel's Not Cool



The name Annie Fox is probably ringing bells for many readers of this blog.  She is the author of the wildly popular tween and teen series- THE MIDDLE SCHOOL         CONFIDENTIAL.  I admire Annie for her ability to relate incredibly well with the hardest developmental age- tweens (9-13).  She is so intuitive when it comes to this age group.  Annie gets Middle Schoolers!  And they adore her! Her website: is a testament to how to blog with the sole purpose of making a difference.  Her anti-bullying campaign- Cruel is NOT Cool should be adopted in to every single middle school in the country.  She is an exceptional writer and her creative juices are the envy of many.  I also admire that she writes for parents, too.  And yes, her information about being an “empty nester” has helped me through my current life events! Annie also has joined the team of JustAsk writers at



Hilary and I are probably polar opposites on many levels. She likes cold and northern weather.  I prefer surf and sun.  She is one to hike, camp and become “one” with nature. I prefer Motel 6 instead of a tent.  But, on many levels she and I DO connect.  When it comes to helping children, especially teens, realize their own personal potential- I look to Hilary!  Like Annie, Hilary can spin magic within the tween and teen groups.  She inspires others and often me.  Her blog will do the same for you.  Check it out!


Thank you for reading this post.  These amazing women writers will be spotlighted in subsequent installments of Meet GREAT Women Bloggers! I am sure that I will be adding to this list as time goes on, too!

Sharon Silver- Proactive Parenting

Shara Lawrence – Weiss of

Wendy Young of

Debi Taylor of Spirit of Autism

Margaret McSweeney of Kitchen Chat

Britt Michelean

Lisa Callsen- CodaDiva

Jenna Riggs and Beth Engleman ARE

And of course, please add your favorite women bloggers here, too!

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