NEW Early Brain Development Box Set – Perfect for Parents and Educators!

NEW Early Development Brain Insights Box Set

There are a number of professionals who are dedicated to early childhood brain development.  Deborah McNelis, founder and owner of BrainInsights is one of my favorites!  Not only does she have a wealth of experience with how children grow, feel and behave – but she has been a well sought after speaker and entrepreneur for years. That is why when her latest product – the NEW Early Brain Development Box Set was delivered to my door this past week, I leapt at the chance of reviewing it and sharing it with readers.

Deborah has been known for her creation of  user friendly cards that are chocked full of ideas and activities for people who live with, care for and love young children.  This new box set is full of bright photos adorning cards with amazing ideas for engagement and learning.  Each one is meant to stimulate developmental milestones including socialization, motor development, communication and skills needed as building blocks for formal learning situations. The unique aspect of this set is that the cards  are written as if from the perspective of the child.  Give Me, Show Me, Cheer with Me and etc.


As a School Psychologist who works with training staff on developmental and educational issues, I found that this product aligned nicely with Early Head Start and Head Start goals.   There is enough involved with this product to make anyone who specializes in child development or pediatric neuro-psychology happily satisfied.

I had an opportunity to ask Deborah what was her main objectives with her latest addition to her already successful product line. She replied: The main point I am trying to promote is that this set is ideal for parenting programs, teachers, homevisitors, therapists, and pediatricians. It makes it very easy and affordable for them to provide insights and ideas to parents, if they can’t afford to provide brain packets for each family.”

I would have to agree, at under $50 for the ENTIRE set this is almost a “steal”.  I would deem the NEW Early Brain Development Box set perfect as a baby gift or an addition to any early childhood centers or schools.

Pre-order information can be found here:  BrainInsightsOnline

Note: I received a set of cards gratis from my colleague via 411 Voices, Deborah McNelis. They were donated to a young family following the completion of this blog.

The Power of Imaginary Play

      I love to listen to kids play.  Especially when they are playing “pretend”.  It often is a treat for me to still hear neighborhood kids yell, “Ships Ahoy”, as they imagine themselves as pirates while traversing the backyards on our street.   I can’t help think during this holiday season that the best gifts often are not store bought, but the ones we throw together to help foster a childs’ imagination!

The other night during the 411 VOICES SPOTLIGHT radio show, the guests and I discussed the value of home made objects to be used during play.   Here is what we decided were perennial favorites for toddlers up through the elementary years.

 A BOX.  Nothing beats a box that once held a dishwasher but now becomes a fort!  Cut out the sides for windows or the side flaps and you have a spaceship, car, or ship! Add some paint, crayons, string and a makeshift flag, if you want!

Many years ago for our daughter’s fourth birthday party I took computer paper boxes and turned them in to Thomas the Tank Engines.  Each child was on the of trains and we made a track out of chalk on our driveway. Add some cheap bells from any craft store and you have a whole fleet of trains chugging around the track!  To this day it is heralded by those who attended as one of the simplest parties with the most laughter attended by preschoolers!

Don’t discount a shoebox either! These handy little boxes can be made in to Polly Pocket dollhouses or action hero vehicles with some basic craft supplies and ingenuity!

NOTE: Boxes are also great to use during group exercises by schools and groups (such as scouts) for lessons, team building and more.  Think creatively as children can map out stories and integrate ideas from others by using this different writing medium! Ah.. I love boxes.

TUPPERWARE,  OLD PANS, PLASTIC KITCHEN TOOLS and a FLOOR!  Who needs musical instruments when you can hand a child a set of kitchen accessories to make an orchestra come alive!  Key is to not give a child anything that can break and be harmful, nor something you treasure! So, leave the good stuff in the drawers!

    DRESS UP-  Empty your closet of all the crazy clothes you bought in the 80’s, 90’s and early miellenium and let your child have fun literally walking in your shoes. Let them pretend to be the business person, teacher, parent , etc.  Don’t forget the hats, shoes and gloves!  (And by all means the camera!!)

In closing, childhood is such a short time in the grand spectrum of things.  So, go ahead and let the kids in your lives be just that- kids!  And, if so inclined, sneak a peek, a picture and listen carefully to the magic of “KID-dom”.