The BEST birthday present doesn’t come in a box – see what it is!

I don’t know about you – but after 60+ years on this planet, I don’t need any more stuff! So, instead of receiving birthday gifts I flip the scenario and ask for people to donate to a charitable cause in lieu of gifts or cards. It has been my birthday tradition to “give and not receive” for at least ten years or more. Typically, I pick out a worthy charity and request donations to be sent to this worthy organization. But, this year was different as I decided to offer a different approach- one where my friends and family can pick a charity of their choice and then add the information on my Facebook wall so others can support it, too. The results were astonishing! People donated time, money, and much more to so many different charities worldwide.

Want to participate? It is never too late! Simply add in the comment section a worthy (and legitimate) charity. This blog is often shared, so it is my hope that we can sprinkle our generosity throughout the globe!

Here are just some of the fantastic organizations that friends and family supported (in no certain order):



MANOR HILLS ELDER HOME (Wellsville, New York)

DAVID A. HOWE LIBRARY (Wellsville, New York)



Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Society

MAZON- hunger relief

RVC Education Fund – helping teachers to support their students

STANFORD MASIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – (Donations to be sent to the Wellsville Central Schools – New York- State Street, Wellsville, NY 14895)

Several went through their closets to donate clothing and home goods to local organizations, including Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity

As for me, I sprinkled my “love” with many of the charities listed above. I also refinished several pieces of furniture and gave them away to families and individuals in need. People often ask about the designs. They are transfers embedded in the wood. The ones used below are from Maika Daughters.

Here is a peek at some of what was donated.