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There are few places on this earth that leave me speechless. Lake Louise is one of them.  The water is my favorite color- teal blue.  On the day we arrived, the sky was overcast and then turned to a brilliant blue – with hardly any clouds. There is a walk from the parking lot and Fairmont Hotel around the lake to a “beach” and then a bit further to an area called the “Tea House”.  Most of the terrain is smooth and paved, however, the further you walk the more likely you will encounter some bumps along the road- literally. 

A Canada Park Pass is required to visit, as is either a bus fare or a parking fee for your car.  There are ample bathrooms at the lake and a few miles from this area awaits cafes and shops for tourists to visit.

The only sour note I have to share is being declined from dining at the Fairmont’s breakfast establishment (the sitdown restaurant vs. the quick grab-and-go cafe.)

The restaurant at the Fairmont at Lake Louise is apparently for guests only unless you hit it at a lull.  We tried to have breakfast at the restaurant and were told to come back several hours later. I still am confused why we were turned away from having a quick breakfast at 7:15 a.m. from an empty restaurant.  It had always been a dream of mine to eat at sunrise on the shores of Lake Louise.  Well, I guess not every dream comes true! 

So the lesson is to pack a meal and drinks and enjoy a picnic at one of the most loveliest places to dine – on the banks of Lake Louise!

For those of you who are yearning for a bit more outdoorsy activities – there is a gondola and other activities and attractions near Lake Louise.  Also, there are other area lakes that are stunning in beauty and worth a visit. Sadly, these many were “off-season” and closed when we visited. 

To learn more about Lake Louise and the Banff, Alberta area please visit this website.

Enjoy the photos- but please don’t “snatch them”. 

photo by Louise Sattler 2023
photo by Louise Sattler 2023

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