A note to my readers…

If you are a regular reader of my blog, LouiseSattler.com – you may have noticed some subtle changes. First, I refocused the themes of this website to be more about learning – but the fun kind of learning. Nothing boring, I hope, you will find here.


Because Covid 19 has resulted in my wanting to pivot – all the way back to my “roots” as a psychologist working with children, their families, and teachers.

So, as a result of my “pivoting”, I no longer will be offering any (social) media marketing services with these few exceptions:

  • Maintaining my relationships with current clients.
  • Review of products, books, or services that are child, education, or family -“centric”.
  • Event reporting (tbd)

Know that backing away from the world of social media marketing truly is a gift – to me! While I have made scores of great friends and have had more amazing and wonderful experiences than I can count working in the media world- I also have seen the dark side. And, it isn’t pretty. And frankly, I can’t stomach the drama a day longer. I am done with it. I now want to spend my time making a difference in the lives of children.

I won’t bore you with details about who, what, where, and how I went from happy to “done”. But, I will say that although I am stepping away from the world of social media marketing – I am confident that many excellent people will remain who I would trust with my business promotional needs and can help yours.

So, What Now?

For me, 2022 will be filled with positive changes and renewals! You can expect the following in the coming weeks, months, and years…

While I haven’t quite mapped out my next steps – I do know that they will be focused on children and creating content to help make their lives and education easier and perhaps more successful. I want to create common sense “takeaways” – such as helpful suggestions for families struggling with homework woes.

I also wish to do the following here on this website:

  1. Use this website and fill it with resources I have sourced! Travel! Special Education! Psychology! and MORE!!

2) More conversation and sharing of my content via my FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER. This way we learn from each other.

3) Information about travel – especially for families who have unique challenges.

In closing, it feels good to be “back home” and to announce my intentions for 2022! Feel free to share how the past few years in “pandemic-mode” may have changed your career or family goals? Did you switch gears? Did you revert to what felt more “comfortable or traditional”? And check out below for a free download!

Below is a list of fun games and how they help skill development! The button to download free is below the image.

birds flying on a beach setting with these words: And suddenly your realized it was time for a change. A new path. A different journey. Oddly, it wasn't scary. It felt familiar. Comfortable. Accepting. It felt magical. Louise Sattler photography and quote

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