We. Have. NO. Children. To. Spare.

I am writing this on a quasi-cool September Los Angeles day.  Schools are back in session. Kids are playing outside with their neighborhood friends.  All while the work of the devil, aka Covid 19, continues to snatch our children.  

If you think that kids aren’t getting Covid 19, becoming very ill from the disease, or dying – stop reading unless you wish to be educated with some hard facts. 

And, if you are unvaccinated because you think “it won’t happen to me”, ” vaccines are a political ploy”, “I refuse to support Big Pharma”, ” The shot will change my DNA”, or any other stupid and non-educated reason –  you may want to stop reading because I am tired of your rants and you will probably disagree with mine.

But, if you are one of the people who believe in science, know that we have to protect our children at all costs –  even if that  means being a little inconvenienced or fall slightly ill for a day or two due to a vaccine – then by all means – read on! 

You see, I wouldn’t care if adults received a vaccine – or not – if it wasn’t for the millions of unprotected children around the globe. Who the heck is looking out for THEM?  Science is.  I am.  Are YOU? 

Your non – vaccinated self may decide not to hang around with kids – but are you having a beer with their parents? Going to the local football game with their teacher? Attending a concert with their bus driver? Or just hanging out in your cushy office for your co-worker to bring it home to the sweet newborn baby that he is bragging about being “just so perfect”?  Your germs may seep their way into another grown-up human and make their way to mini- humans.

And while the vaccines aren’t 100% protection – No vaccine can guarantee that – the Covid 19 vaccines will stop kids and adults from DYING. 

So until EVERY child is vaccinated or this insidious disease is eradicated – do the RIGHT thing. Get vaccinated. Funerals of children are the worst of the worst. Scratch that – all funerals are awful!

By the way here are some lesser known facts to combat the fiction about vaccines.  

1) mRNA (the stuff that is in the vaccine by Pfizer and Moderna) also is being tried for anti-cancer / cancer treatments. Hmm.. how many non- vaxx Covid19  folks would run to get an “anti cancer” vaccine?

2) For the people who say it is against their religion – keep in mind that Pope Francis and the Vatican support the vaccinations for Covid 19 and even created this video.

3) Can you try to become pregnant or be pregnant and get the Covid 19 vaccine.  The CDC issued this statement – the short story – yes. 

4) While we are on the subject of “sex” … can the vaccine ruin virility or fertility?  Well guess what ?- Having Covid 19 could ruin your sex life- but the vaccine – nope. Read more here: https:///covid-19-could-cause-male-infertility-and-sexual-dysfunction-but-vaccines-do-not-164139

Yippee! You read to the end of my educational post about vaccines laced with a hefty dose of ranting.

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors – must have been the vaccine that took away the part of my brain for literacy. (Hmmmm)

Need some more reasons to get vaccinated? Go walk around your block, visit a park, or look into the eyes of your child/ grandchild.  

Thank you. Respectful comments welcome. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.  

2 thoughts on “We. Have. NO. Children. To. Spare.

  1. You go, girl! I was just thinking today, as the numbers are approaching 700,000 dead, that we cannot get numb to the endless deaths. I know that I cannot change stupid people, but hope that words like yours chip away at someone’s ignorance. Sadly, the stories seem to indicate that most anti-vax people are only awakened when someone they love dies, or when they are lying in a hospital bed facing intubation.

    1. If I can save one life by writing around 500 words – then it will be worth it. We have to WAKE UP and give our kids, our futures, HALF A CHANCE!

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