Does “It” Feel Over?

I, like so many, thought we turned the corner with Covid 19. Until yesterday. That is when I watched a ton of media newscasts about variants, boosters, fast increase in cases and sadly – deaths. Now – I feel confused. Are we not “OVER” the Covid 19 pandemic or is there MORE to come?

Am I the only one who is waiting for the “other shoe to drop”?

As I watched reporters discussing tropical storms, global events, and the sad news of the collapse of the Surfside apartments – they seemed to “squeeze in ” information discussing the Lambda Covid 19 variant that is predicted to overtake the already present and highly virulent Delta strain.

I didn’t need to know that there was a Lambda variant. Or any other. What I needed to hear was that the disease was no match for science and we were all going to kiss the enemy good-bye – once and for all. Instead, I now know that I will have to “just suck it up” and learn to live among the beast as “the Covid” is not going away.

But, what if my “uh-oh” feeling is truly founded versus. me acting a bit paranoid? Despite my being fully Moderna vaccinated, should I start restocking my shelves? Do I need to rush and travel to see family and friends before another lockdown? Should I eat out every single day until the doors close to restaurants?

Or, should I just go on living with the attitude that all will be OK – hope for the best – don’t worry, be happy!

I just can’t be practical, nor can I shake this funny feeling I have been experiencing since yesterday. It feels very similar to the one I had early March 2020 – that something is “lurking”among us. A premonition. A “funky” feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Back in 2020 when I first had the veil of dread envelope me – I rushed to the local Target and stuffed the cart full with paper products, canned goods, and lots of pharmaceuticals and vitamins. My thought was that we could live on tuna, cereal, and bottled water for at least a month with all I bought. (Why did I think we would have no water – it wasn’t a hurricane!!)

Over 16 months later, I find myself fighting the impulse to run out and retrace my path from the front of the Target store to the checkout!

So, tell me friends – what are you feeling these days? Am I being silly or sensible? And, if you are non-vaccinated – do you think you will “give an arm” anytime soon? (Please!)

Respectful comments always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Does “It” Feel Over?

  1. Given that over 200,000 have died in the USA since January 20, 2021, we aren’t over this pandemic. And given that so many people are choosing ignorance over science, the vaccines will only protect part of the population at this point. So buckle up, my friend, the ride may get very rocky!

    1. Sadly, I agree. Until we ALL get a wake up call – we ALL will be waiting for the “next shoe to drop”.

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