Holiday Gift Ideas: Part 2 – Support an Artist

Life during COVID 19 is hard. It is more than a minor challenge for parents, now turned teachers. It is a crisis for restaurant, hospitality and beauty shop owners and their employees. And, for those who are creative talents – such as performing and visual artists – COVID 19 has made their livelihoods null and void. The result – many artists have opted to pivot.

So, my mission for this blog is to introduce you to some artists who use their creativity to make our homes and offices beautiful and are worth checking out this holiday season. Plus, I added two textile creators that recently caught my eye (and credit card).

This is the second of my holiday gift recommendations and I hope you enjoy it! Read the first one here.

I was invited to meet Steffi Pecarich when her family members asked Hubby and I to attend her 2019 art opening. I love art and always want to support my friends projects of their kids, but I was not prepared on how much I would enjoy the artistic talent of this young lady! Steffi is featured on ETSY and very much an artist you should take time to learn more about and support by simply pressing > “click here to meet Steffi” .

My take… Her art seems simplistic until you really look closely. And please do. How this talent melds her colors together and embeds symbols in each of her paintings is quite intriguing. I think this one might be my favorite (click).

Plus, ArtFactory69 (Steffi’s company’s name) is priced for the average person’s budget with many pieces under $40. Here is an interview of Steffi from a YouTube’s show: On The Trend with Elliott Desai

Follow Steffi on ETSY and INSTAGRAM

My repertoire of artistic talent can be summed up with a few puffy paint shirts and stick figure drawings. Not so with my niece, Elissa Masin Blumstein. She always was a master with the art brush. Now, with her husband, Ryan Blumstein, they have expanded from their successful special event signage and decor company – SURFACE GROOVES with the fun and functional – SURFACE GOODS. This new venture came at the right time! Their customer base is the consumer who now find themselves staying at home in lieu of spending their annual vacation bucks. SURFACE GOODS brings to home and hearth beautiful and customizable decor. So much to love (and, that truly is my “unbiased” opinion!). PLUS… they have created CHANUKAH decorations that aren’t your store bought cookie cutter offerings. I am sooo tired of the same old Chanukah decorations that are usually ugly and BORING (or expensive). I was thrilled to see their variety of signage including one that has a very clever play on words – HAPPY CHALLAH DAY! (See below)





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