This Laptop Tote Bag is “Magical”!

Have you ever watched the movie Mary Poppins? If so, do you remember how the main character (played by Julie Andrews) seemed to have a magical purse that carried everything and anything one could possibly want – yet not weigh a ton?! Honestly, I coveted that bag as I always wanted my own “Mary Poppins purse” as I tend to “carry my life” with me whenever I leave the house. Now thanks to the Heyrtz company and their amazing Laptop Tote Bag, I feel as if I have discovered a bit of “magic” that allows me to bring along all my essentials when I travel and work!

This tote bag simply is perfect for those who need to carry their office with them when “on the go”. Here is a list items I added to my tote when I filled it for the first time.

  • TWO MAC COMPUTERS (13 and 15 inches)
  • ACCESSORIES to the electronics above, including a microphone and ear buds
  • My iPhone
  • My computer and phone chargers
  • Powerbank plugged in for easy use with the charging function integrated in to the bag
  • Notepad
  • Pens, pencils, small stapler, and ruler
  • My key case
  • Scarf
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries for travel
  • Umbrella

I am sold! This Heyrtz will definitely be the tote I use for carry on luggage. Lightweight and comes with a handy and sturdy strap that allows you to secure and rest the bag on the handle of larger wheeled luggage. Did I mention it is waterproof! (I truly wish I had this bag when a passenger sitting next to me on a recent flight spilled his drink all over my carryon items!)

AND one of my favorite features… (yes – there is MORE!)… this bag offers a USB charging port. You simply need to add your own choice of powerbank. This is the bag I would have designed for my lifestyle, especially my freelance media work, but thankfully I don’t need to do that as Heyrtz did it for me!

Lastly, more great news! This bag is not expensive. You may be shocked to learn that that his bag, as shown above, with the discount code I received (and share with you below) is only $29.99! No joke!

Bravo to this forward thinking company for making such a great product and now giving me a solid gift idea for the men and women in my life! I am a fan!!!!

I know the holiday season nearly has passed, but the season for DEALS has not! So grab this tote for yourself or give it as a gift. Think of it as a way to celebrate a graduation, new job or birthday! And for my friends who work in media – THIS IS YOUR #MUSTHAVEBAG!

As aforementioned, I received a special link from the company for you to use to get deals on this bag and more! Simply use the link and my name as the code.


This link will bring you to – a new way to shop and SAVE!

I purchased this product and was reimbursed via my participation with a media campaign for this company. However, this truly is an awesome tote and all my comments are 100% my own opinions and writings.

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