Time to give thanks…

I love November. First, it is that time of year where the ocean and sky take on wonderful hues here in Southern California. The air is a bit crisper and some days, like today, we have “actual weather”. I am typing this blog while it is raining with impending thunderstorms. A rarity here in SoCal!

November also forces me to slow down and take count of all the wonderful people and opportunities I have in my life. Starting with Hubby. This week we celebrate 32 years of marriage. I like to keep our personal life fairly private – so let me just say that I am grateful for him – every -single -day. Of course, the rest of my family, including our two “offspring”, are amazing, Yes, I am bragging, as I hope all Moms do, when it comes to their kids – young and grown.

I am grateful for a group of friends that keep me grounded, busy and laughing. I have the privilege of calling some very talented, interesting, smart and spectacular people my lifelong friends. Sadly life gets busy – right?! So… even though I don’t see some folks on a regular basis, I hope they know I am a phone call or email away.

I am thankful for good health. I have chronicled my cancer journey many times on this blog. Feel free to read my story about survival by starting here, if you wish.

If you have ever met, Bayla, our 6 – year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, you will know why I adore this dog and am grateful that some “force” brought us together. She is the light and comedian in our home. This week she received a few new toys – including a creative gift from a pet company – the Smart Dog pull toy.

Full disclosure – Our dog is spoiled. I am to blame.

Which leads me to my next reason to be thankful …the privilege to work as a freelance digital media marketing specialist with super clients. Never underestimate the ability to work as a freelancer – which allows people, like myself, to work with a flexible schedule and write my own “office rules”.

Lastly, I am grateful to those who serve in positions that keep us safe, protected and able to live with freedom and liberty. It does not go unnoticed that while I sit at my Thanksgiving table with my family there are scores of families that don’t have all their loved ones joining them as they are working to protect and help all of us. So, to the individuals and families of those who serve in the military, medical/ caregivers or as first responders – thank you, thank you, thank you!

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