Where are they now?

Signing Families models – nearly ten years later!

Starting in 2005, I worked with an agency from the Washington DC area (Camera Ready Kids) to enlist some great kids for my Signing Families sign language videos and print educational materials. These kids ranged in ages and knowledge of sign language. Each one were very special and simply charming!

Many of our models have grown to become professional actors and I have been awestruck by their accomplishments. Also, they have each become amazing young adults and I am proud and privileged to have known them all for more than a decade. Without further adieu – meet some of our Signing Families models – all “grown up”!

Victoria Grace


Victoria and I at the San Pedro Film Festival 2017

Victoria Grace knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an actor. A Hollywood actor. I remember our first photo session. She was so serious! But, she was (and still is) beautiful and talented.

Since working with me she has moved on to work on music videos with Kelly Clarkson, several TV shows and numerous movies. Victoria Grace has been nominated for her acting ability (The Young Artist Award), too!

You can follow Victoria on Instagram here and Twitter here.

Watch Victoria’s Demo Reel here

Zephyr Ingle


Last night I was watching a recorded episode of the new medical drama, NEW AMSTERDAM. There in a pivotal scene popped up Zephyr! I remember Zephyr as a tough subject to photograph until she warmed up to you. But, always so “spot on” with her emotion and skills!

Follow Zephyr on Twitter as @ZephyrIngle

Madelyn S

Madelyn has had a successful career, especially with commercials and now is a freshman at college!

(We will keep her current college a secret to protect her privacy!)

About Madelyn Video

I couldn’t be more thrilled for these young ladies’ for having so much success as students, actors, and simply kind young people. I feel privileged for having known them “then” and being able to follow the careers – now! Victoria, Zephyr and Madelyn – go grab the “golden ring” with gusto! You ladies rock!

Side note: If you were a Signing Families model – we would love to know where you are and what you are doing now. Feel free to CONTACT us!

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