Negative Political Rants = Social Media Unfriending/ Muting/Blocking

Let’s face it – you cannot agree with everyone all the time.  Especially, about politics! Sadly, I have seen lifelong relationships morph in to adversarial relationships due to emotions running beyond limits over national politics. Not only are people disagreeing but they are having a public and bitter war of words for all to witness!  So. Very. Heartbreaking.

It is no surprise that Facebook can make or break a friendship when it comes to differing opinions, including heated ‘political debates”.   I know that there have been several people who have “unfriended” me due to my proactive and liberal tendencies when it comes to women’s rights, education, my stance on the current administration and the 2016 election – in general.  I respect their decision and hope if we see each other IRL (in real life) – that we can be cordial and perhaps event share a conversation over a quiet cup of coffee.

Conversely, I have unfriended and muted people who I feel are simply spreading negativity and are myopic. I am willing to listen and take in to account the opinions of others, but when someone won’t even consider that there are “two sides of a coin” – then sorry – off my timeline you must go. You are welcome to your opinions. I just don’t need to see, hear or read posts that are not respectful but full of hate – regardless of your political affiliation.  I’ll live longer without the spike in cortisol from reading these negative media posts.

Beyond those who share the rhetoric that makes me want to cringe, there also is a sector of people who spew vehement that goes beyond rationale.   It is for these folks, sadly, I turn on the BLOCK option.  I cannot follow or be followed by a person who shares hate, rumor or conjecture – especially when it comes to the lives of children and vulnerable families.  It is my prerogative to follow those that share compassion, act with kindness and understand that we are part of one race- the human race. Again, we don’t need to agree on issues, but we at least should demonstrate civil kindness.  We owe that much to ourselves and to the children who are taking notes of our actions.

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This election year I plan on spending time listening, learning and voting my conscience. I want to be drama-free and enjoy a world that is offline.   And, if I am online I am equally as likely to post about movies, television, education and travel as I am about politics.



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