I love working with authors.  Their creative juices inspire me to want to be a better writer and I love the process of seeing a book soar from shelves in to the homes of readers.  Creating a social media campaign to promote a book that is about to be launched can be exciting and, at times, a bit of a rollercoaster.  My newest client is the amazing and lovely Tricia LaVoice.  A woman who writes from the heart and doesn’t hold anything back!    I have known Tricia for a number of years, love her candor,  and was happy to help her launch her new book.  However, when I heard the title I must admit it took me a bit “off guard”!

My first reaction was – “I wonder how Dear Martha, WTF? will play in Peoria?”  And exactly what is this book about that warrants such a strong title!  So, during a 14 hour flight to Japan I took “Dear Martha, WTF? (DMWTF)  out of my carry-on  and read it nearly in a single sitting.  When I closed the back cover it was clear – “Dear Martha, WTF?” was the perfect title!

It may help for you to know my “take-aways” from the book:

  1. This author’s memoir is a raw and honest account of losing not one, not two but three members of her family.  The pain and anguish she feels is palatable.
  2. Author Cheryl Strayed  had been an inspiration for Tricia after she read WILD. (They even met for the first time this past month).  You walk away feeling inspired and awestruck about the resiliency of spirit, such as with WILD.
  3.  Many have said that DMWTF  is the perfect book for readers who enjoyed  The Giving Tree or Eat Love Pray.  I can see that.
  4. The book is chocked full of personal accounts of friendship, love, loss and examples of resiliency. A perfect book for a bookclub discussions.  (She does have a book club integrated as part of  her website.)  
  5. Humor is generously sprinkled throughout this narrative
  6. Oh and “Martha” is a tree.  A pine tree that helps the author  realize that she needs “roots” to carry on after the trifecta of tragedy.  When exasperated by life she finds comfort in her backyard yelling – “DEAR MARTHA, WTF?”  Now you know the reason why this book has its’ title and it fits perfectly!


MEET MARTHA (dragged) 1


Anatomy of a book launch

It has been interesting  having a front row seat to the launch of this book.  Being the  social media support arm to this book launch campaign, I have had the privilege to get to know her audience and see the excitement build.  There are so many people who want to engage with Tricia across platforms.    Her love of the outdoors, yoga and focus on her family and friends are  topics that I am sure will resonate with many. of her   7K followers on Facebook. 

The hashtag is #DearMarthaWTF (of course)! 

If you pick up a copy of the book, Tricia would love to say hello on social.  Use the hashtag #ReadingDearMartha 

This week will be one chocked full of book launch events as the OFFICIAL release date is April 10, 2018.  TV interviews, book signings and a launch party for the press are all planned.  Tricia plans on venturing on to TalkShop.Live, too!  I look forward to seeing this book “fly off of shelves”.

Ready to start reading?  You can find Dear Martha, WTF? online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) and also at local bookstores.  The book is published by Post Hill Press – so feel free to connect with them, too!


Meeting author, Cheryl Strayed       1200x800-1DCF8I2




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