Should I write the post or not?

Recently, I have become a bit agitated by events going on around me.  Our political arena seems to be topsy-turvy.  Some people in my sphere are not making the best of choices and seem to be posting their very strong opinions  and photos carelessly and without regard to whether or not they are experts in a field or being sensitive to the feelings of others.  Some things are just not making sense.

I have started and stopped a variety of blog posts on these various situations and keep deleting them.  I have wanted to yell via my Twitter feed – “Stop posting negative political posts!”  Or… “That is online bullying!”  Or…” You are NOT an expert in this field – don’t make blanket statements about medical treatments that are standard and customary!”

That begs the question – should you post or blog everything you want to say or not? 

I decided to NOT post for now all the random and intense thoughts that are flowing through my brain.  For one, the post would actually be an e-book. Instead I will just give resources on what is considered standard practice or words of wisdom for bloggers and those in social media.

For those who feel they need to post without a filter I suggest reading about possible repercussions to ones’ career in this New York Times article. Rafael Gomez, the author, makes a good point when he queries about whether a person would post a photo that they used in social media on the wall of their office cubicle?  If the answer is – NO – then you should proceed with caution about what you upload on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook stream.  (And note, this is especially the case of college students who think the photo of them on Spring Break is funny – but prospective employers may not share their sense of humor.)

Don’t think that your rant about the President, key officials or even your boss will go unnoticed?  Your negative post could result in loss of job, a trip to the police station or a visit from an agency with three letters in their acronym.  Your comment will and should be taken seriously.  So that purported innocent comment that you will back-pedal about by saying, “I was only kidding” – can potentially be THE mistake of your life.  Read more here. 

 If you are not a physician, lawyer, accountant, etc. then you shouldn’t be dispelling advice.  Sure, you can tell your opinion, but I would steer clear of giving hard and fast professional advice. And this is why – social media litigation is becoming a business.  Yes, what is said, posted, tweeted, pinned, etc. on social media has become a legal entity of its’ own.  So, for those who are stepping out of your profession and stepping in to one that you don’t have certification/ licensure – be ready – as you are setting yourself up for potentially a lot of “woe”. New technology means new laws.  Read more about liability and social media here.

I will conclude by saying – just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it needs to leave your head. Be smart. Be safe. Be kind.




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