Are you a #SocialGoodBlogger?

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I recently was referred to by a potential client as “One of those mommy bloggers”.  It made me take pause for more than a moment before I replied,”What!?”  (It also crossed my mind that perhaps in this person’s opinion “mommy bloggers” were less credible than any other type of blogger and not worthy of doing business.)

When our conversation was over I started to wonder about all the women I know who are great mom bloggers. They are dynamic, smart women and many are amazing entrepreneurs, as well.  However, unlike many of my friends and colleagues who are mom bloggers, my blog doesn’t seem to fit in to this “traditional”  category.

So, now I need to figure out if I am not a “mom blogger” then what kind of blogger am I?

Education blogger?  Lifestyle blogger?  Random thoughts blogger? Other?

Then it dawned on me that perhaps, I am a  “Social good blogger”.  I would like to think that I am someone who dedicates much of her time writing about causes and events that help others. My intent has been to make connections and create a safe virtual environment where people can share, learn and laugh.  Most of all, I hope that my blog inspires others to help within their own communities.

I am not sure if “social good blogger” is a real blogging category. What do you think? And, let me know if you consider yourself also to be a “social good blogger” by commenting below or simply tweeting me (@LouiseASL) with the hashtag #SocialGoodBlogger. This way we can connect!

~Have a groovy week and may our virtual paths cross soon!

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