“Did someone say SAFETY?” – Count me in – FREEDOME!


About a month ago I read via TRIBERR about an online security system campaign that helps to detect if someone is zooming in to your personal devices via public WiFi connections. It was called Freedome.   I was intrigued enough to click on to their youtube video that explained how lacking in security most of us are in public places!  Need convincing? Curious? Read on!

I soon learned that F-Secure, the company who created Freedome,  was looking for bloggers who had some measure of knowledge about this space.  Now if you know me and my background – you will understand that I have a passion for keeping people safe – especially via prevention.  Freedome is an easy preventive measure – it simply uses a VPN with anti-virus, anti-tracking and anti-phishing all in just one button. It can be installed on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.   I gladly accepted  the opportunity to be one of their brand ambassadors and this week I will be sharing some fun .

Are you secure when online? Watch this video to see why most of us are NOT!


What steps did I take to install Freedome?

The first part of my process to learn about Freedome was to watch their video.  As a social media correspondent and one that travels all the time (yes, I am so close to calling LAX my home), I was shocked to learn on this video how exposed my devices were in the public milieu. The video highlighted my vulnerability, but more importantly also made me realize that teens and tweens with phones, tablets and computers are so very much at risk too! YIKES!

After watching the video I received my link to begin my free trial Freedome subscription.  It was fast and easy to install (less than five minutes) and the tutorial was very helpful.  The information on the tutorial was made very easy to follow thanks to graphics that were clear to  comprehend. Directions are text and not voiced – so it is easy for all to understand who speak English and accessible to my Deaf friends, as well. And for all my friends who are “youtubers” – making those videos at your local coffee shop is not a great idea unless you are secure with your WiFi!

Want to be protected, too – FREE?

I would love for you to join me in this journey of being invisible online.  A free trial subscription is available and quite frankly the paid one year subscription is less than the price of a  few lattes.

Simply use this LINK to get started for your free trial!

USE THIS CODE to get the FREE TRIAL: qsf257


In the next few days I will be writing about a great GIVEAWAY of a iPad Mini 16 GB Wi-FI and a free year of Freedome, which protects all your devices.  All the information will appear on my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK page and appear at my other various platforms such as TWITTER.  Be sure to stay tuned for fun and a few little surprises…

Thanks for reading!


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