Will you seek heroes in 2015?

Three male college students

2015.  Numerology tells us that the numbers add up to 8 – meaning success and profitability (or so my friends who practice this art tell me!) While I am not one to count digits to decide my year’s path – I would like this new year to be  one for turning the spotlight on everyday heroes instead of discussing ad nauseam those who use tactics to scare, bully or harm others.

I know that each reader of this blog can think of at least one person who they consider a “hero”.  Many of my heroes are kids!  They are the ones who collect blankets for the homeless, donate their time as peer buddies in schools,  create cool science projects simply to challenge themselves, or perhaps author musical scores or books!

We often are so busy looking at those who provide “shock value” (“Calling all Kardashians”), that we forget some of the most unique individuals live in our neighborhoods.  To me the local “folks” provide much more interest to me “IRL” (in real life) than any tabloid story.

In 2015 I plan on continuing the tradition I started at the end of 2014.  Each week I carve out time to watch a few TedX Talks Youtube episodes.   While there is a huge catalog of TedX topics and presenters, I often find myself watching kids via the TedX Teen Talks!  There I have discovered many people who I would consider “heroes” – even if they have lived for less than two decades.  If you have free time or simply want to use a few moments to expand your mind – check out these young entrepreneurs and enjoy the presentations of those who are dedicating their young lives to #SocialGood.

Have a groovy and safe 2015!


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