A perfect fit every time! Meet Fitlogic’s Little Black Pant! #Giveaway

Say what?! There is actually a company that has designed a template for women’s pants so that each time you try on your “size” it will fit – no guess work involved?!  Imagine that!


Cricket Lee imagined the concept of a world where women don’t have to try on pants anymore, and it’s taken her twelve years of testing and perfecting the product to go from the “drawing board” to market entry.   A couple of weeks ago I saw @Fitlogic  on TWITTER.  I noticed that they were posting very interesting tweets that caught my eye.  And, some of the tweets mentioned a sale – 30% off a pair of a pair of pants. After clicking through to their website and reading about how you can have a pair of pants “made for you” – I was convinced this was the company for me.  I promptly ordered and within just a few days the Little Black Pant arrived at my door. Commence the test… would they truly fit like a “glove” without fail?  YES INDEED! My pair of pants was perfect!

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LOVE these pants so much I am sending double ASL kudos!

I was so thrilled that I connected with Cricket and asked if I could interview her for this blog. I learned so much about this dynamo, including her vision.  Enjoy meeting Cricket Lee! Don’t miss the giveaway (details below) and the promotion link to get your Little Black Pants at 30% off the regular price of $59.95. Your price in the cart will be only $39.95 (good until December 30, 2014).

Louise Q1- Fitlogic is well … so logical… can you explain the concept and catalyst for this company?

Crickett A1– The concept is that Fitlogic is a true science and fits 95% of women. The fashion industry fits on one shape model and uses antiquated methods. It is designed and proven as a world patented operating system for apparel to ultimately create a fit standard. LittleBlackPant is the debut pant that holds the Fitlogic system so that women can experience the superior fit and join our movement.   Our long term goal is to license the technology to all brands that want to please the consumers by carrying their personal Fitlogic fit.

Louise Q2- The Little Black Pant is PERFECT for just about ANYONE – will there be a little WHITE or KAKI pant soon?

Crickett A2: Yes, we are offering a stone off white color for spring, a coral and maybe more.  We are going to be offering lengths and plus sizes as soon as we can. When we offered up to size 24 on QVC in Jones New York we sold out quickly, so we have the patterns developed – we just have to build the company a bit more before we can offer them again. We also tested successfully in Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Louise Q3- All good business owners / entrepreneurs have a 1-3-5 year plan.  Where would you like Fitlogic to be in 1-3-5 years?

Cricket A3: In one year, I’d like to have a multi-brand platform including our first licensee Kym Gold (co-founder of True Religion). We plan to offer  a range of prices and brands with Fitlogic so that women can shop by shape.

In three years, our plans are to be in all retail venues with Fitlogic in many brands, and be able to execute our geolocation feature where women will be able to download an app and find product that fits in their living area or online.  92% of apparel is still sold in stores, so it will make life so much easier.  Our categories include tops, dresses and more for the future.

In five years, we want to see a global brand with Fitlogic showrooms where women can look and try on garments and then have them shipped direct. Most of us (unless it is a basic item) like to see and feel the garment before buying.

Louise Q4-  Are maternity clothes in your future- I see a big market there?

Cricket A4- As we move into licensing to other brands, I see a maternity brand wanting to adopt the Fitlogic system and we can work with them to add the baby belly to the system. A woman’s basic shape doesn’t change.  It really works for real body changes.

Louise Q5-  How do you hope that social media will enhance your biz?

Cricket A5- Social media enables me to connect to women directly with the idea of never having to try on garments again.  They like the LBP because it is a simple staple product and an easy way to identify their fit code.  But the idea of finding pants and a system that moves with your shape no matter what size is the real magic.  The future will enable a woman to try on and see if she likes the fabric or the leg width or the waistband.  It’s a different kind of trying on – it will be fun!

LouiseQ 6- Anything else you wish to share?

Cricket A6- I was ahead of my time, and the fashion industry liked my ideas but wasn’t ready for a standard.  I think with the fact that ecommerce is growing fast and that women don’t have time to shop or for endless try-ons and returns makes Fitlogic the next big thing.  A purchase of a pant is a vote for fit freedom!


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WINNER:   Selected randomly – Juli Auclair Lipof

Congratulations, Juli!!


To enter to win the random giveaway of  one pair of the FITLOGIC LITTLE BLACK PANT you must do the following TWO easy steps before December 15, 2015, midnight Pacific Time.

ONE randomly chosen winner will be selected on December 16, 2015.

Winner will be contacted via email by a Fitlogic representative and/or Louise Sattler. Must have a USA address and at least 18 years of age. Only one entry per person.


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13 thoughts on “A perfect fit every time! Meet Fitlogic’s Little Black Pant! #Giveaway

  1. Oh my goodness- to have a pair of pants that fit perfectly and was actually long enough for my legs would be a dream! Would love these pants. Thanks for the opportunity to enter, Louise! I tweeted!

  2. I tweeted! I also think it’s really sweet that Tommy, above, has entered for his sister 🙂 What a nice brother. These pants look great. I am rather short and always have trouble finding pants that fit ‘just right.’ Thanks for the chance to enter, Louise. xoxo

  3. I would love to win a pair of pants that fit my shape perfectly. Every girl needs a great fitting pair of black pants in her wardrobe. Going to tweet this.

  4. I just received my first pair of Little Black Pant. I am speechless. These pants are the BEST fit that I have ever had in my life and I am 60 years old. With these pants the waist band fit while the overall fit was a slim fit , not tight easing over my thighs and hips. I look fabulous in these pants. You have a customer for life. Now, when will these pants be available in blue and brown???

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