Unraveling the mystery of mortgages with Maria West


If you are like me you have NO IDEA about the intracacies surrounding mortgages!  Frankly, I have relied on “hubby” to help me understand what I “needed” to know about obtaining our various mortgages . I am sure that I am not the only one.

Maria_WestIn hindsight, I really wished I had taken the time to learn more about what is involved with obtaining a mortgage (and finance in general).  So, to help further my own learning and anyone else who wishes to unravel the mystery of mortgages I have invited this Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 9-ET to the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW   LA based mortgage broker, Maria West.

Listen LIVE on the 411 VOICES radio network here

Download here to enjoy later!

Have questions? Post them below as a comment and we will try to get them answered for you during our interview.

I also have found these useful website to help further my understanding of the complex world of mortgages and other home finances!



DISCLAIMER:  Our guest is a broker from RPM Mortgage.  She will only talk in general terms regarding mortgages and home finance.  

This show and this blog is NOT to give individual mortgage or financial information or to endorse anyone mortgage or financial institution.  Due diligence is needed with each person’s own circumstance. Please seek individual professional advice. Thank you.

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