MediPal for Safety of People with Alzheimers, Dementia and Communication Challenges

MediPal Identification and Information system
MediPal Identification and Information system


This year I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful group of First Responders at a Southern California CERT conference.  I was a presenter and after the seminar I was introduced to Kathryn Turner.  She began to discuss helping people with communication or medical disorders during disasters and emergencies with an easy identification product that she developed.  That is how I came to learn about MediPal, which is a  personal ID system that wraps around a safety belt, backpack strap or baby bag.

Inside the holder that fastens with velcro is a  lightweight form to place essential data – such as contact information, health history, communication preferences and even a photo.

My first thought was WOW this is great for parents to place on their child’s  backpacks and belts when their loved one has unique challenges, such as Autism or deafness.  It also would be so helpful for adult care facilities during outings.  In all honesty, I could probably generate dozens of ways that MediPal could be helpful scores of people!  (And although it is meant for people, how great would this be to have a variation for pets who are being transported).

Kathryn will be discussing MediPal, her inspiration for creating this really cool product and announce the contest winners – see below. Join us!

  Louise Sattler Show at 9pET, Sunday August 25th. 


 Here is the Scoop on the MediPal GIVEAWAY CONTEST from August 23-August 25th, 2013 (ends 6pm PT)

Winners will be announced during the Louise Sattler Show


COMMENT below on this blog about how you would use MediPal.

FIVE LUCKY WINNERS who LIKE and COMMENT will be randomly drawn and announced during the show! Results will also appear in the comment section below!

Contest rules include must be a US citizen and not a member of 411 Voices Radio network.

7 thoughts on “MediPal for Safety of People with Alzheimers, Dementia and Communication Challenges

  1. This would be wonderful for me. I just got out of the hospital for having Diabetic Kenoacidosis. If I suffered this while driving or anytime my body and breath would smell like I was drinking alcohol including slurred speech and slumpy body motions. We are not sure why it was triggered since I am a type 2 diabetic diet controlled no medications was needed. Now I am on insulin 4 times a day and this product would save me in case of an emergency.

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