I got a secret….

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If you know me then you know it is sooo hard for me to keep a secret when it is good news!  Well, I have been keeping a really fun secret that I finally get to divulge tomorrow during my radio show interview with Sherri Pellegren from MeeoMiia. ( A wonderful company that is mom and daughter owned and operated!)

During the show you will get to learn the story as to how and why Sherri and myself came up with a really groovy concept that will help to benefit children and families in the deaf community.

I will send out another email tomorrow before the show to tell you how you can not only LISTEN but be eligible for a random drawing of a very special gift!   (One winner will be chosen, members of 411 VOICES or MeeoMiia not eligible.  HINT- I am wearing the “secret”  in the photo posted in this blog)

Thinking of the deaf community, we are THRILLED to have this show sponsored by Keith Wann of Check Your Rights / ASL LegalShield

Our newest second sponsor is THE BOYS STORE owned by Suzanne Remington!

Links to connect:

Listen to LIVE or as a download to the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW ,  Sunday nights 9pET, 6pPT

Connect with Sherri via Meeo Miia on FACEBOOK,  TWITTER and the website

Connect with 411 VOICES on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and via our website

Hear prior shows via our website,  Blog Talk network or iTunes!

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