Craig Ramsay- Irreverently Fabulous!

There is something about Craig Ramsay, celebrity fitness coach,  that makes you want to laugh your way through your work-outs!  Could it be that he is using techniques that are slightly irreverent? Or perhaps he has training modules and common sense health tips that make you want to laugh at yourself for ever trying those “quick fixes”.   He now even makes available five minute workouts that are hysterical and yes… irreverently fabulous (but aren’t the most effective workouts ones that keep your attention!!) I first met Craig when he was a guest, along with my pal, Heather Frey of SmashFit on the RICKI LAKE SHOW.  He impressed me on how caring and genuinely engaged he was with a future bride who truly wanted to become healthier as well as look great on her wedding day!  Together she lost weight and learned to rethink food as fuel and not as emotional comfort. I loved it! It is because Craig makes FUN and FUNCTIONAL in his everyday lifestyle plans that inspired me to become “healthier” and also have him on a guest on the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW!  To listen to the show please click HERE (or download):  CRAIG RAMSAY EPISODE on the LOUISE SATTLER SHOW, 9pET July 28th

    Connect with Craig and all his fabulousness here:

DESCRIPTION:  Craig Ramsay brings you quick, real and impactful workouts from beginning to end, complete with specific instruction on technique at a surprising location you might find yourself on any given day.
Craig Ramsay on uLive

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