DOG ADOPTIONS – When is the right time?


Meet Kingston, a ten-month old (we think) Basenji (we think again) puppy.  This little fella was recently adopted by family members.  He is cute, cuddly and willful.  We  had the pleasure of babysitting Kingston this weekend (along with his bigger and older sister, Cali)  which reminded me about the challenges one faces when you adopt a puppy. ( It is funny how fast I forgot about “puppy-isms” since our own dog is a senior now! )

Yesterday, I  happened upon a dog adoption day at a local pet store. (Karma) I must admit I felt a bit conflicted when I saw families with kids still in strollers making adoption requests. Was this the right time to adopt a puppy? Was this fair to the child? The dog?

I did some online research to find out what would be  the best “practices” for having a new dog enter a home with a young child.  Some articles were positive, yet many were cautious. I found that little humans and little doggies don’t always mix.  Some experts gave suggestions about training, such as teaching the words “gentle” to both, in order to maximize safety and foster bonding.     Special techniques were offered on sites that had dog rescues with the words “supervision” and “socialization” stressed.  The use of a kennel to help contain the dog, if needed, was suggested, as well.

There is no doubting the positive impact a dog (or cat) can have on a family.  Yet, proceed with knowledge, caution, patience and love.

Here are some resources which are available to help find a dog that needs a forever home and how to make the experience rewarding, pleasurable and safe for everyone in the family.  (Dog and Cat Adoption and Foster Care  Resources  )


2 thoughts on “DOG ADOPTIONS – When is the right time?

  1. Hi Louise, I hope you’re well. Talk about karma! David and I have just started to look for a puppy to adopt (it’s been a year since our dog, Josie, died and we’re ready to have a dog in our life again.) You’ve written a really good post and yes, when I see young families with toddler, infant and puppy in tow I think, “Wow! That’s a handful of responsibility!”

    Thanks for the sage advice. Warmly, Annie

  2. You know I love this, don’t you? I’m a dog-lover through and through. I’m sitting here petting Trooper, my rescue dog, as I peruse your article. I agree on the kid/dog thing. We got our rescue pup when he was 9 mos. old. He had been abused (by kids in his past “home”) and he did not take well to our youngest (then 5)…they have grown to adore each other, but it took tons of supervision and “work” in the beginning.

    Thanks for a great post! I’m putting it on my “Puppy Love” board on Pinterest!

    Wendy =)

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