PHONES… remember them?

Screen-Shot-2012-12-06-at-14.31.08-300x222   I just watched a video that  has gone viral about the “good old days”, titled – I CAN’T BELIEVE WE MADE IT.    It really highlighted how “baby boomers” were raised as “outside” children who used motor skills far and beyond their opposing thumbs on a gaming controller. It also discussed how we were a culture that took more “risks”, found networking in our school yards not our computers, and gave respect where and when it was due.

It got me thinking that the newer generations may share many of the same values, yet some things are lost on our millenials. Case in point- the use of a PHONE!   Now please note that I am a lover of the text message, afterall it was one of the first really contemporary technologies that helped the Deaf community have equal access. However, there is a time when I wish people would simply CALL ME. (Am I the only one?)

I also wish that when a company says “If you have a question please CALL us at 123-45-6789” that they would ANSWER the phone.  Especially if the question is time sensitive, such as wanting medical reports, information from a billing office or about my LA taxes!  (Yes, tried to EMAIL all of the aforementioned, too… same result.. nada!)

So I write this article with the hope that those who are of my generation will share on what I am missing (when is the best time to call a company and get a HUMAN to answer) and also millenials will convince me that I am simply wasting my time and give me more viable options. Oh.. and here is the video that got my brain thinking about all this “phone stuff”…

One thought on “PHONES… remember them?

  1. Louise this is hysterical and great! Love the video!
    I too have switched over to text but do wish company’s had phone numbers!!

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