2 Minutes of Yoga = A Better YOU!

I had the 2_minute_yoga__76235.1341872212.1280.1280pleasure to interview my friend and yoga instructor and trainer of others, Nicole DeAvilla via the 411 VOICES radio network.  She is the founder of the 2 MINUTE YOGA and has a very common sense approach to learning yoga. Her USTREAM online YOGA lessons are gaining momentum and worth the watch.

What I learned during our interview is that not all yoga classes or methods of teaching are the same. There is gentle yoga and also “heavy duty sweat it out” yoga (Bikram style).  I didn’t know that yoga for kids differs from yoga for adults (the energy levels and intent are the reason).   Also, outcomes differ by age group and type of yoga one enjoys. Regardless, Nicole assured us that anyone who has their physicians permission to go forth with a yoga program can benefit as long as the instructor is qualified and the yoga is giving you positive, not negative, physical changes. (Pain is not gain in yoga!)

To listen to how yoga can be integrated in to your life, reduce stress, improve attending, sleep and many more life activities then listen here: 411 VOICES RADIO

Enjoy learning more about this international dynamo and her yoga products by visiting her website  THE 2 MINUTE YOGA SOLUTION

Follow Nicole on FACEBOOK and TWITTER, too!

Here is a recent interview she had via Red Carpet Bay Area.

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