How Social Media can help grow your GROOVY business!

411 VOICES Radio Network has started a new program on Sunday evening- THE SPOTLIGHT.   Our team of experts will take turns sitting in the “host chair” as we bring to the table amazing guests for all to enjoy! This week we will have Stephen Dimmick, Holly Love and Marie Walker Riddle. Three uniquely different individuals with a common bond- they met via TWITTER and the RICKI LAKE SHOW!   Each has their own personal company.  From computer technology to education to makeup stylist for the stars!  They will chat about how social media helped to grow and expand their own businesses.  Yep- we will cover it all!

It should be illegal to have this much fun as a host of a radio show!  I am thrilled to have three of my favorite  social media TWEETMATES joining me and would love for you to “hang out ” with us, too!  So, brew that cup of tea and listen  SUNDAY, NOV. 4th from 10:30-11:30pm ET or 7:30-8:30 PT.  CLICK HERE to LISTEN LIVE or DOWNLOAD LATER

You can be their TWEETMATES too.. simply follow them on TWITTER HERE



MARIE WALKER RIDDLE @LiveNLime–spotlight

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