Summer Reading Recommendations from Kids to Adults

Hello Everyone!  Each year I receive a zillion books to review from publicists and authors. This year, I have chosen a select few to comprise my 2012 Summer Reading List.  Note, I could have written volumes, but I am choosing to spotlight just a few books. Many are niche, meant for only a select few – like School Psychologists. While others can be enjoyed by young and old.

Here are my recommendations, as random as they seem,  in no certain order:

ECHO’S REVENGE by Sean Ausin  Book 1  – Now this book is FUN! Sci-Fi meets Gaming meets Suspense meets Teen Angst!  I cannot write too much about this book as I don’t want to give the unique concept away. Let’s just say that it is way different than any other book I have reviewed this summer.   This is a combination book with an interactive website and engaging story all rolled in together. The story involves situations that on some degree will resonate with teen readers. When reading Echos’s Revenge, I couldn’t help but think it would make a good FATHER’S DAY gift for the Dad who enjoys the gaming world.   Also, have a kid at home who hates to read?  This book will rope them in as it integrates technology and terminology that tweens and teens LOVE! Available via Amazon here or the WEBSITE  Continue the fun with TWITTER 

SCARED SILENT  by Mildred Muhammad  Remember the DC Sniper and all the havoc John Muhammad caused almost a decade ago. I do. Vividly!  I was gripped from the first word that Mildred Muhammad put to paper. Her story unraveled with shear honesty and poignancy.  The writer is now an advocate and expert on domestic violence and the book integrates many lessons learned and “pearls of wisdom” throughout.  Recommended for mature tweens and up.  For more information about domestic violence and Mildred Muhammad go here:  I am proud to call Mildred my colleague and friend via 411VOICES,


The School Psychologists Survival Guide by Rebecca Branstetter is a gem!  I only wish that this book was written back in the early 1980’s during my School Psychology training years. Chocked full of sage advice, information and templates to help out novice to seasoned School Psychs!  BRAVO to the author. AMAZON offer this title.

 THE MAFIA HAIRDRESSER by jon- david. This book is pure joy! Maybe I enjoyed it because it was written using my new hometown as it’s backdrop.  Or perhaps because I had a blast hanging out with the author at his book signing in Chicago.  Or, perhaps because it is a fun and sultry story which made me escape for a few hours while on an airplane. Regardless, I sincerely enjoyed this easy to read book and am banking that you will, too! Book not yet launched nationwide except on website:

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (and their parents) by Elizabeth Verdick and Elizabeth Reeve, MD.  I have to admit I waited and waited to receive this long anticipated book.  Finally, in my humble opinion,  a book that relates to kids on the spectrum because it incorporates actual stories from their lives in their own words!  I loved the format, readability and the content!  Another big thumbs up to authors for tackling a tough subject and giving voice to the very group it impacts – kids with Autism!

BOOKMARKED – Teen Essays on Life and Literature from Tolkein to Twilight.  Edited by Ann Camacho.  I am not sure every teen will grasp this book wholeheartedly. but, I am hoping they will. Some of the stories are so raw and honest you feel like you are sitting with these teens at a coffee shop engrossed in their storytelling.    Many of the stories are about courage, anguish and often reflect hope. Honestly, the biographies of these young authors were for me as compelling as the essays themselves.  Another great find by our friends at Free Spirit Publishing. 

CAROLE KING  –  NATURAL WOMAN  by Carole King.  Confession… I have been a HUGE fan of Carole King’s since I heard the first cut from her long heralded TAPESTRY album. I think I own every album she has made since then, too. I have seen here in concert, met her at a fundraising event in the early 1980’s and have followed her career for over four decades. I guess that makes me a “groupie”.  This book for me was a must have for Summer.  It did not disappoint.   If you are a big fan of singer/songwriters, music from the 1960’s and 70’s or just love a great biography – then be sure to sit down with NATURAL WOMAN sooner than later! Available in a zillion places!

My meeting jon-david, author of the MAFIA HAIRDRESSER in Chicago, March 2012

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  1. Hi, Louise, I just wanted to say thank you for including my book (The Survival Guide for Kids with ASD) on your summer reading list! I appreciate your support of kids on the spectrum!

    Elizabeth Verdick

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