My Week with the Ricki Lake Show as Friend of the Week!

I had a Forest Gump week. You know the kind. When you don’t know what to expect but you are certain that your life will be like a ‘box of chocolates”.  That is how my week went.  It all started with a little video I posted on the FRIENDS OF RICKI Facebook page. I was encouraged to do so by my friend, colleague and fellow co-founder of 411 VOICES, Britt Michaelian.  Not long after the video uploaded I found out that I was in the running for FRIEND OF THE WEEK. (FOW)

What does FOW mean in terms of the RICKI LAKE SHOW. First, it is a woot!  Great fun getting to know all the people involved in the show, their fans and of course for them to learn a bit about the FOW.  However, in true Louise fashion, I wanted to make this experience a “teachable set of moments”. What can I share with this group of wonderful people that will be lesson. So, I decided to post throughout the week a series of videos that matched the daily themes.  Others had posted videos, too. But, mine were in sign language.

On Monday, I posted a MY MOMENTS video about Daniella. She was a student from the back hills of Western Pennsylvania that made a lasting impression on me.

Tuesday, I had an opportunity to shine the spotlight on 411 VOICES and our unique story. How many of us met because of social-media, yet most have never met in person!  Watch here!

Wednesday, I had the privilege of uploading my PSA for the I AM THE FACE OF THYROID DISEASE campaign. To help others be proactive against thyroid cancers has now become a passion of mine.

Thursday, was technology day.   Which technology can’t you live without?  Find out my answer

Today (Friday) was my farewell video as FOW.  You will need to view the video to understand why the RICKI LAKE SHOW staff snapped a photo waving a hello/ I LOVE YOU in ASL.  Also, today was jammed packed due to the TWEETCHAT which was a rapid fire Q and A.  My Q and A is below.. for more of the Twitter stream go here–> http://www.TWEETCHAT/ROOM/FRIENDSOFRICKI

All in all it was an excellent experience. I must say that I both was unprepared and overwhelmed by all the support and kudos.   So grateful to the amazing staff of the RICKI LAKE SHOW and my “family” at 411 VOICES. 

Thank you all. Enjoy the videos.  Transcript of the tweetchat is below, by request from those who wanted to have access.  Have a groovy week!


TWEETCHAT TRANSCRIPT –  Posting this by request from those who couldn’t attend the TWEETCHAT but wanted to see what transpired. 

Q1 Hi @LouiseASL We are thrilled to have you here! Tell us about YOU.  #FriendsofRicki

A1a Hi @FriendsofRicki I am having such a good time in this community! #FriendsofRicki

A1b @FriendsofRicki I found this community via my friends from 411 VOICES #FriendsofRicki

A1c  @FriendsofRicki  I own Signing Families-> sign language + developmental psych melded together #FriendsofRicki

A1d @FriendsofRicki I help build communication bridges, special needs children, First Responders & more #FriendsofRicki

A1e @FriendsofRicki  I am a mom of 2 grown kids.  College student & a working actor! #FriendsofRicki

A1f @FriendsofRicki I’m married for nearly 25 years. He’s my best friend, makes me laugh  #FriendsofRicki

Q2.  @LouiseASL  Tell us more! What are your hobbies and interests?  #FriendsofRicki

A2a @FriendsofRicki Only ONE day 2 answer?  I have many! #FriendsofRicki

A2b @FriendsofRicki I enjoy PHOTOGRAPHY (Im a novice but love it) #FriendsofRicki

A2c  @FriendsofRicki I really love to TRAVEL! #FriendsofRicki

A2d @FriendsofRicki I also LOVE movies & watching vintage TV #FriendsofRicki

A2e @FriendsofRicki My daughter & I love INDIE films and have been to Sundance Film Festival! #FriendsofRicki

Q3  Describe to us your “Perfect Day” @LouiseASL #FriendsofRicki

A3a @FriendsofRicki Thanksgiving – family, friends around the dinner table laughing…  #FriendsofRicki

A3b @FriendsofRicki Followed by Black Friday shopping at midnight!  #FriendsofRicki

A3c  @FriendsofRicki  Love working with kids and families! #FriendsofRicki

A3d @FriendsofRicki Through SIGNING FAMILIES I get to help people on a weekly basis. REWARDING! #FriendsofRicki

Q4 @LouiseASL Tell us about the women’s media group #411Voices that you Co-Founded #FriendsofRicki

A4a  @FriendsofRicki Social media brought us 2gether, we’re all invested in helping others  #FriendsofRicki

A4b  @FriendsofRicki We have really become more than colleagues, tight knit friendships  #FriendsofRicki

A4c  @FriendsofRicki Our #411VOICES speakers bureau rocks!  #FriendsofRicki

A4d @FriendsofRicki We have many experts it our #411VOICES group. #FriendsofRicki

A4e @FriendsofRicki Experts from astrology – biz to education – family life. Empowering! #FriendsofRicki

A4f @FriendsofRicki  Our site – is also multilingual #FriendsofRicki

A4g @FriendsofRicki  French, Spanish, ASL-  many of us in #411VOICES know multiple language #FriendsofRicki

Q5 @LouiseASL “You Have Cancer” – that must have been tough to hear two years ago?  #FriendsofRicki

A5a @FriendsofRicki The clock stopped. Now my life is before cancer and after cancer BUT… #FriendsofRicki

A5b @FriendsofRicki Cancer does NOT define me. #FriendsofRicki

A5c @FriendsofRicki I now have an opportunity to educate others- why I made the PSA #FriendsofRicki

A5d @FriendsofRicki My desire to educate led me to making this PSA video #FriendsofRicki

Q6 @LouiseASL Tell us about your philanthropic endeavors #FriendsofRicki

A6a @FriendsofRicki My biz SIGNING FAMILIES donates many educational ASL materials #FriendsofRicki

A6b @FriendsofRicki Give free lessons to families and organizations yearly… #FriendsofRicki

A6c @FriendsofRicki My family also sponsors a college students ed yearly in memory of my Dad  #FriendsofRicki

Q7 @LouiseASL You help First Responders and #EMS learn to sign – why? #FriendsofRicki

A7a-  @FriendsofRicki Post 9/11 it was apparent that EMS was unprepared for much. #FriendsofRicki

A7b @FriendsofRicki Many EMS were unable 2 assist deaf & special needs communities  #FriendsofRicki

A7c  @FriendsofRicki EMS is now are taking courses in ASL & hoc to help special pops which is AMAZING!! #FriendsofRicki

A7d @FriendsofRicki  I now travel nationwide training EMS & many other groups/ companies #FriendsofRicki

A7e @FriendsofRicki This work is VERY REWARDING! #FriendsofRicki

Q8 @LouiseASL How can we all learn more about you? #FriendsofRicki

A8a @FriendsofRicki I would love for you stop by my FB page #FriendsofRicki

A8b @FriendsofRicki You can learn more about my work here > #FriendsofRicki

A8c @FriendsofRicki And I would LOVE to have you stop in to #411Voice > #FriendsofRicki


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