Week in Reviews- KIBOOMU Scores Grand Kudos for NEW Apps and CD- Geared for the Mini-Generation!

Products Reviewed in this blog are for KIBOOMU are their amazing new apps: ABC Song Piano and Toddler Sing and Learn .  In addition, I reviewed their CD Learning Songs. I LOVED THEM! Teachers, parents and daycare providers.. keep reading for at the bottom of this blog is a way for you to WIN you own app or CD download from KIBOOMU, too!

My own children (now adults) will attest that their mom loves to play with children’s games, toys and now apps far more than probably most adults or even kids!  Typically, it was me that you heard cooing and “ahhing” during the opening of children’s presents at birthday parties or holiday events! I often would marvel at anything new and different. It was this same sense of wonderment and joy I felt when I “unwrapped” and found the Kiboomu apps ABC Piano and TODDLER SIGN and LEARN!  ( I will discuss their great CD in a minute.. )

These two apps are genuinely great fun and educational! I first played with ABC Song Piano while waiting in a doctor’s office. I waited a long time which was good – because then I could play longer. I must admit that I had a blast creating music, learning tunes on their very user-friendly piano and even checking out how other instruments were incorporated on their creative option – Freestyle Mode.  I would have broke out in to Karaoke (another option), but I didn’t think the other patients would have enjoyed my singing! This app rocks (and rolls) literally educationally sound songs to help with spelling, learning the alphabet and other great pre-readiness skills.  Clever – YES!  If I had a score card for the ABC Song Piano app I would give it a resounding 10!

Now on to Toddler Sing and Learn… Again Kiboomu hits it out the park with this great “stepping stone” app for early learners.  Fun and interactive are the terms that come to mind when I played with this one. Have to love an app that has songs, coloring capabilities and a puzzles feature all at your child’s  fingertips!  And I liked how all the entries were just the right amount of time for toddlers who are not quite ready to sit for long periods of time. A large variety with easily 30 different tasks for your toddler or even preschooler to enjoy!  Both apps had very creative artwork, especially this one. Again, another 10 would be on my scorecard!

OK- now for the Kiboomu CD – LEARNING SONGS that had me rocking in my desk chair!  I swear after hearing some of their catchy tunes I wanted to GO TO THE LIBRARY or join CIRCLE TIME! Great songs with an upbeat tempo that had me enjoying the CD not once, but twice! Teachers- this CD is perfect for your preschool classrooms or even kindergarten settings! LOVED IT!

It is noteworthy that all the Kiboomu products are terrific additions to homes, classrooms and daycare centers.  Not only are they fun and interactive but they also fill a void left by school and private industry budget cuts.  Music can be enjoyed through a variety of their offerings and early readiness skills can be reinforced by parents and teachers through their budget friendly apps and downloads! The apps are ipod, iphone and ipad compatible.   And of course, you can purchase the CD or download.

All of the KIBOOMU apps and CDs are available on their very nice website and of course, iTunes.  Full of great content, blogs and of course, their products. Lots of information as well as downloads to choose. Also, don’t forget to check out their website where you will see a whole host of AWARDS that they received!

I need to thank Shara Lawrence-Weiss from MommyPerks.com for introducing me to Kiboomu and glad to pay it forward by introducing them now to all of you.


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I do not receive any monetary compensation for this review.  Just the fun of dancing in my chair and singing along with their groovy apps!


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