42 is a GREAT Number!

Today I found out that my company, SIGNING FAMILIES™ came in 42nd out of the hundreds of mom owned businesses that entered the StartUpNation.com competition for Leading Mom Business. Now ordinarily 42nd place is not one to cheer about, but honestly, I am overjoyed!
I started SIGNING FAMILIES “officially” in 2006.  I didn’t expect it to grow like it has from a regional sign language instructional business to one that is now selling sign language products internationally.  I am most proud that we have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people to learn sign language.  I love receiving notes from parents, educators, and caregivers who share with me their stories of how sign language helped someone in their home, school or center to communicate easily and effectively.  Also, to help a child with Autism, Down Syndrome, or other medical or developmental disorders to communicate fills me up with tons of “warm fuzzies”.  And to know that there are whole groups of First Responders who are able to use basic sign language in the field, is deeply satisfying.

I personally want to thank everyone who voted for SIGNING FAMILIES™.  We are a small company.  So small that my living room is my warehouse.  Come visit our website or FACEBOOK page.
And know that I truly am grateful that you read this blog and support my goal to build communication bridges- one SIGN at a time.
Have a groovy day~  Louise


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Will 411Voices have ASL, too- You bet!  Our goal is to have many languages represented! Stay tuned!

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