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I love the movie The Sound of Music.  Really.  When much younger I would pretend with friends that we were one of the Von Trapp kids.  Despite my better judgement, I thought that wearing curtains as clothing would be fun.  This movie also will be an eternal “top pick” as one of my favorite sayings is quoted by the star- the beloved, Maria-  “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”  That is how I feel about 2011.  In some regards, there have been doors closing here and there this year, yet, many beautiful windows also have opened- WIDE.

In essence, 2011 and all the open windows lead me in a new direction which was to join a wonderful group of creative, educated and amazing women known as- 411 VOICES (see our website and below for our members).  To date, we have over 16 women “Voices” from the fields of business, education, parent -child counseling, astrology, entertainment, social-media and more.  Each of us have resumes that demonstrate our levels of expertise from nationally recognized guest speakers, to award winning authors, to gurus of social-media and top entrepreneurs.  Most importantly, through our collaborative efforts we strive to make this world a better place, through helping others by giving the “411” to those in search of a little guidance.

Here is why I LOVE being part of the 411 Voices team and am so excited for the MAY 2nd OFFICIAL LAUNCH –

  • If you have a question about parenting, education, starting or growing a business, social-media, how to get much needed PR, how to stir your creative talents, or other general topics- then let the dozen+ experts try and help you!  You can connect directly to us through the ASK THE EXPERT tab to post your questions.  We will try our best to answer any questions promptly or give to you resources to help steer you in the right  direction. (No names needed for the ASK THE EXPERT feature)
  • We are multi-dimensional– we blog, conduct TV, radio, and online interviews, are national guest speakers, and collectively can speak nearly a dozen languages and with  American Sign Language being part of our repertoire.  In a few days our welcome message will be in English with captioning and ASL!
  • Want to listen to a variety of topics through online radio or iTunes? Then check out the ever growing list of radio shows by clicking HERE.  Our first show with Dara Blaker  will premiere TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 26th at 11:30 am EST.  Listen LIVE HERE.
  • Are you planning an event where you are looking for knowledgeable, dynamic and fun speakers?  Check out our SPEAKERS feature.  Many of us talk about topics such as special education, bullying, mom entrepreneurship, health and safety, communication and more!

How can you learn more about 411 Voices?  Please join us here:



Anne Dunnewold

Annie Fox

Astrid Stromberg

Beth Engelman

Britt Michaelian

Dara Blaker

Jenna Riggs

Kristin Andress

Liysa Callsen

Louise Sattler

Lynne Kenney

Marianne Russo

Margaret McSweeney

Shara Lawerence-Weiss

Sharon Davis

Wendy Young

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