Scholastic Storybook Treasures ASL DVDs… Creative Teaching Tool- Part 3

The Scholastic Storybook Treasures ASL DVD series is one creative teaching tool!  I know that it was produced to help young children to learn to sign, read and gain comprehension skills with material that is very familiar to most preschoolers in North America.  However, I have decided that this series is also an excellent teaching tool for a much different set of people- high school and college students.

The Scholastic Storybook Treasures ASL DVD series uses loving characters, such as that of Courdory to help teach ASL, vocabulary and early comprehension skills for the early education set.  HOWEVER… play this same DVD to older kids and adults and you have a whole other learning experience.  I played the DVD Goodnight Moon to my beginning ASL college level course.  I wanted to see their reactions.  As expected they ohhh and ahhh during the intro when all their beloved characters from childhood appeared in the introduction.  As the story unfolded in ASL and voice I could see their hands all trying to mimic the ASL narrator.  Later they commented on what signs they remembered.  The vocabulary section where the signs and  open captioning of the words was introduced slowly and one at a time was their favorite portion of the DVD for instructional techniques.  And of course, they loved the second story that was a bonus feature for them.

Another creative use of these DVDs would be for scouting troops, religious organizations and schools to use to help to learn about the deaf culture and diversity.  This series could springboard into other projects- such as telling stories in sign to each other or to those in assistive living environments.  The ideas are endless, as are the applications for this amazing Scholastic DVD set.

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