Scholastic Storybook Treasures – ASL DVDs Part two- Interview with Dave Victorson

This is part two of  a three part series on my review of the Scholastic Storybook Treasures ASL DVD series. Clever! Fun! And oh so needed to help develop literacy with both deaf and hearing children.  I had an opportunity to ask Dave Victorson some questions regarding this three DVD series which includes the DVDs as seen below.  Enjoy!

A Pocket For Corduroy...and more stories about friendship Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed<br>...and more children's

Louise:  This is an excellent ASL DVD series.  I love it!  How was this idea started?

Dave:   We had two primary goals in creating this project.

The First: Provide engaging materials for deaf children who might not be exposed to popular children’s literature.  Ultimately we want to inspire them to pick up a book and begin to read.  During our testing of this we have seen it happen.  The library ends up with a waiting list for the print title because half of the class has run down there after watching our DVD.

The Second: Fill a need for those parents who have taught their hearing children basic (baby signs etc.) signs but still want to extend their child’s sign language learning.  The wonderful literature and artwork from the popular children’s stories help us to make a connection with their children.  The music and voiceover bring the books to life creating an even stronger connection to the book.    Our hearing daughters actually copy the voiceover rhythm and pace when reading the printed books.

In order the achieve the second goal we knew that we needed to find a partner.  Scholastic was our number 1 choice and fortunately they liked our work.  Because of Scholastic we have quickly achieved national retail exposure through their NewVideo distribution channel and also the greatest possible School & Library exposure through their print catalog.  In fact I think the reason why you found us is because of the successful PR efforts of NewVideo.

Louise:  What is your connection with the deaf community?  What sparked your interest with developing a product geared for the deaf?

Dave: Missy  (Keast, co-creator) was born deaf and started attending Colorado School for The Deaf as a resident (kindergarten – sixth grade) and Arizona School for The Deaf as a day student for middle school and high school.  Her signing eloquence has brought her a reputation as “The Shakespeare of Sign Language.”  ßhe also attended Gallaudet for three years before graduating from Arizona State University with a B.A. in History.

Louise: What do you plan on accomplishing through the creation of these terrific DVDs?

Dave: First, we want to improve the literacy of deaf children through entertaining and educational media.  Second, we want to bring the richness of a visual language to all children and their families.

Louise:  Where can we learn more about the Scholastic ASL DVD series?

Dave:  The best place to buy is from either or us at

We are always running a sale or special pricing on something.  Right now we have a special for our holiday season which is the full three DVD set for $24.95.  (Readers this special is available for your close perusal by clicking here:  SPECIAL

Louise:  Future projects or products that are on the horizon!!

Dave:  The deaf deserve entertaining and educating materials in their native language.  We will continue to produce popular children’s stories in this presentation style.  We are also considering producing popular early readers in the same style of presentation.  We have received wonderful feedback from customers and will add additional educational features to future work.

FYI-   YouTube links
Right now video clips for each story are up at

Dave Victorson will be joining me on the air when my new radio show- The Louise Sattler Show starts to air later this Fall!

Disclaimer:  No monetary compensation was received for this review, simply sample products.

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