EMS 101- 36 hours of LEARNING!

I returned late last night from the annual conference of Emergency Management Services (NASEMSO).  I met dozens of directors and coordinators  of EMS/Trauma programs from most of the 50 states and territories .  I can honestly say that it took a side trip on my way home to Crackle Barrel for me to decompress from all that I learned.  Here is the condensed version-

  • There is no way you can meet and discuss the real life concerns and endeavors of EMS and not leave in AWE of the dedication of these amazing professionals.
  • The technology available for EMS and Trauma is in many cases being created faster than state budgets can afford to purchase it and implement it in facilities.  However, there is so much advanced technology available to save lives today during a disaster that it will spin your head! I couldn’t help but feel that was I was at Disney’s EPCOT when looking at some of the most intricate technology to be used on site of a disaster. Simply outstanding.
  • EMS/ Trauma  directors and coordinators have a sense of humor.  This was very refreshing to know that they could laugh – a lot- despite having high pressure jobs.  BRAVO to all of them.
  • EMS/ Trauma professionals LOVE PlayDoh and Silly Bandz. Yes, you read that correctly.  You want to discuss the needs of deaf and communication challenged children- just put a bowl full of Silly Banz with rescue designs in front of grown-ups and let the conversation flow! For the record, the most sought after “band” was the fire hydrant! Yellow and pink were the preferred PlayDoh colors- not that I was counting or anything.

In closing, I want to publicly thank all the EMS/ Trauma professionals who took time out of their busy conference schedule to spend a few minutes with me to learnabout Signing Families™ and how I could perhaps help with communication needs in their regions.   I truly am grateful.

Louise Sattler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Owner of Signing Families™ , frequent blogger to many educational websites and the host of the soon to launch radio program on the HerInsight Media Network– The Louise Sattler Show-  Where Learning Meets Laughter!

4 thoughts on “EMS 101- 36 hours of LEARNING!

  1. Louise,
    I am in AWE of all that you do, too. And…for sure…our EMS/trauma folks…I have always been taken by them and firefighters and how they “run in”, when everyone else is “running out”. Blows my mind. I agree with the humor part…I think that is sheer survival when you deal with the sorts of things they do day in and day out. Play-doh is my FAVORITE, did you know that? Love it for all things therapy related and just for FUN!

    W~ @Kidlutions

  2. Great, Louise! Thanks for supporting folks in this community. You are a hero to them, for sure.

    I love Play-doh, also. I wrote a LONG post about it for National Play-doh month 🙂 Great stuff!!

    I love Miss Wendy and you, also. I always feel as though a little piece of “home” is lit up inside me when I see the two of your names on the same page.

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