ADT Pulse and the Deaf Community- Seems Like a PERFECT Match!

As the owner of Signing Families™ I am always on the look out for technologies that help people who are Hard of Hearing (HOH) like my hubby or deaf stay safe.  This includes being safe within ones home from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or intruders.  Thus, when I was given information about the new ADT Pulse, I became intrigued as to whether this would be a system that would work with families who are deaf.

The ADT Pulse system integrates the technologies of a traditional security system, with additional features that I have never seen.  You can remotely set your system from your mobile phone. (Even from my beloved iPhone with an app!)   And you can be alerted to any problems in the home via phone, too.  These functions truly seemed to be an excellent resource for both hearing and deaf families.

I have heard that light flashing security can be added, which is the most common method to alert deaf people that there is something wrong when they are home.  I know that our home ADT system has the extra added carbon monoxide and heat/fire sensors- which are also included in the ADT Pulse.   My favorite feature is that there is an option for a video camera.  I love this option as you can see via webcam who is at your door without opening it up.  If you feel unsafe, then you are able to hit your alarm to alert ADT to send for help.  (And as an FYI- our insurance company deducts from our homeowners insurance for having an ADT system that is hardwired to a central monitoring center.)

There are many cool features added to the ADT Pulse to make our lives easier, which are easily explained on their interactive and fun website-

I truly believe that ADT, once again, has continued with their commitment to help ALL families within our communities.  Thank you for reading.

Louise Sattler is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Owner of Signing Families™ and host of the new to launch program- The Louise Sattler Show- Where Learning Meets Laughter (HerInsight Network– Starting Fall 2010).  In addition, she has created many materials regarding sign language instruction for emergencies and healthcare situations.  Available at

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  1. I just found out that strobe lights for deaf that I looked up on websites. We have fire/carbon systems. How do I be able to hear when alarm goes off? I would like to have strobe light for my house.

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