In Hebrew there is a word and a concept which I try to bring in to my own personal life on a frequent basis- Mitzvah (or Mitzvot as the plural).  This simply means- doing good deeds, mostly for others.  Why the Hebrew lesson?  Well, Judaism like most religions has a strong element of giving back or as many people call it – charity.  Now what does Judaism, a Hebrew word and  momentrepreneur who wears crazy hats on her Twitter avatar have in common?  ME.

You see I “met” Shara Lawrence- Weiss almost two years ago through social media.  A friend of mine, who happens to be the daughter of our synagogue Cantor was talking to me about this company she liked, I checked it out one day and thought that the concept was really pretty groovy (High praise from my 51 year old self).  Anyway, I struck up a rather great relationship with Shara as we had a lot in common.  We even teamed up together and created a few sign language products, too! (Including our upcoming Australian Sign Language series!)

Now if you learn only one thing in this blog about Shara it is this- she will do just about anything to help children and families in need.  She also is an avid guru of social media. ( I know that is really TWO THINGS!)  Anyway, when she Tweets she tends to swap “hats” that are on her photo/avatar.  She might photo shop a large Cinnabon after her tour of the company or a diaper to promote “National Potty Training Week”.  So, one day I suggested to Shara that since she is always swapping hats she should promote different companies by photographing herself wearing their hat with the company logo.  The one condition would be that each company would have to make a charitable donation and let her post who received the contribution.  She agreed without hesitation.  I sent her the first hat and made a little donation to a great new organization, PROJECT NADINE. Then Shara started to get lots more requests to wear her company hat with the donations being very generous.  A mitzvah is born!

So, if you want to learn how you too can make a “mitzvah” by having Shara wear one of your company logo hats in return for a charitable contribution contact her at (Personal Child Stories is her second company!)

To read the article about her Twitter Hats- go here:

Learn more about Project NADINE at


  1. Thank you, Louise. I was (am) more than happy to spread around that charity love 🙂 Thank you for coming up with the idea! I was surprised that so many businesses jumped on board right away but it thrilled me!

  2. Brilliant idea Louise! Wasn’t surprised really when Shara informed me and the idea is so Shara… she has one of the biggest heart and beautiful spirit in cyber world.

    You two make an amazing team!

  3. Louise,

    This was such a fab idea! I love the synergy between you and Shara and the great things you both do together! It’s FANTASTICAL!

    I adore you both!


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