Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner?

Today’s Learning and Laughter with Louise show was dedicated to the question I usually ask my guests –  “Imagine you could have a dinner party and invite anyone from historical or contemporary times- Which people would YOU invite?”
Here is the list we chatted about (and I am sure that Ieft a few out…. but here is the majority of the list).  Thanks for Wendy Young, Blythe Lipman, Sharon Silver, Mary Beth Wells, Beth Engleman, Brenda Nixon, Nina Frye, Jill Martin (station engineer), and many Facebook fans for chiming in!
In no special order:
Ellen DeGeneres (mentioned by loads of people) And Sharon Silver actually had met her!
George Clooney (Eye candy, activist, supporter of Darfur, etc.  AND another favorite of most guests)
The Kennedy Family WOMEN! Especially Eunice Shriver who started Special Olympics.
Mother Teresa–   For her undying love and care to others.
Princess Diana- How did she manage it all in such a public forum?
Anderson Cooper–   What is the story behind the man who tells the stories of our world?  How does he do it all?  (and then add Ryan Seacrest in the uber time management category)
Julia Childs, Martha Stewart and Paul Dean. All great women entrepreneurs who also are super cooks!
Erma Bombeck for laughs and motherly wisdom
George Washington- Tell us Mr. First President the REAL history of our country!
Al Capone–  We asked-  ” Where is the MONEY!  Help poor Geraldo he is devastated still that there was NO MONEY in the vault!”
Anne Frank–  How interesting would she be to recount her life
Elie Wiesel – another Holocaust survivor and an outstanding orator.
The Psychology Trio-  Sigmund Freud,  Karl Jung and T. Berry Brazleton   (We really want to have a heart to heart with Freud!)
Barbara Jordan – The late congress woman from Texas. (And other women who were political trailblazers!)
Sarah MacLahlan– The catalyst for the empowering Lilith Fair
Stacey Kannenberg- How to start a media network!
Sidney Poitier- How he broke barriers in Hollywood
Julia Roberts–    Keeping it together with family in the public Hollywood spotlight
Kelly Ripa–      How do you do it all, especially putting up with Regis!  (THANKS to the Jill Hickey- Not So Soccer Mom for this entry!)
And all four of the Obamas!!
I know I forgot some of the people mentioned.  Feel free to continue the list here!
Now who would be sitting at your table breaking bread with YOU??
Thanks for reading!  ~Louise

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