I have been so lucky to teach thousands of people the beauty of sign language.

 SIGNING FAMILIES™ is an instructional company dedicated to teaching people of all ages and abilities the basics of American Sign Language (ASL).

Want to go directly to the Signing Families website- CLICK HERE

 As the owner of Signing Families™ I and have traveled around the country helping parents, educators, EMS and HealthCare Providers to learn to use Sign Language within homes, schools and throughout our communities.

Signing Families™ is not an ordinary instructional company.  We meld together the disciplines of  developmental psychology and language acquisition under one roof.  We modify when necessary to meet the needs of each child, each family and each situation.

What makes Signing Families™ different?  For starters, I am a high energy instructor who believes in FUN, ENGAGING and INTERACTIVE teaching techniques!  NO ONE IS A PASSIVE LEARNER in my workshops!  Boredom is NOT AN OPTION!

 Is there MORE??   YES! I just didn’t jump on the “Sign Language Bandwagon” when “baby sign” became popular a few years ago/  I have been teaching sign language for more than 20 years to young children, their families and adults who wanted or needed to learn.  I also have a two decade history of working and signing with children who have exceptional needs.  I know that children with Autism, Down Syndrome and other exceptionalities need modified and flexible instruction.  I can do that.

What else?  When you call or email– I answer.  Period.

 Come hop over to SIGNING FAMILIES where you can learn more details on PROGRAMS, MATERIALS and INFORMATION about American Sign Language




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  1. I wanted to mention a great mom who Home Schools her children. Tammy Sandeen teaches her children at home. Her 2 youngest are both special needs children and sign has been the best way for them to communicate with each other. in the beginning, it was their very own set of signs, but as they grow they are learning to sign to communicate with those outside the family. Tammy works hard every day to give her children the best education to help them interact with the outside world. I pray Tammy will be the winner.

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