YouTube Channels that will make you smile in 2020

This is a year like no other. One that I believe will be remembered as the year “to forget”. Too many horrible events to count from a microscopic terrorist known as Covid 19 to the deaths of innocents worldwide from crimes that are unfathomable. Yet, among the disasters have been glimmers of hope, joy and humor. Where, you ask? Try YouTube! I would like to highlight two of my favorite channels that are very different but equally fun to watch!

Recently, I have found myself watching YouTube videos of happy people just living life as if the world wasn’t falling apart around us. My favorite is the Scott family from the wonderful town of St. George, Utah. I love this family (and the area where they reside). They are most known for their family of 9 – mom, dad, two sons who are a tween and teen and then a set of quintuplets- two boys and three girls. I must tell you that watching this family negotiate the regular trials and tribulations of family life puts a smile on my face on a regular basis. The quints are as adorable as any two – year olds can be. Together they are hysterically funny and give me hope that the world won’t burst in to flames any time soon. They show how simple and innocent life could be – should be. Logan, Lincoln, Violet, Daisy, and Lily are healthy and happy cherubs. Lots of people share my love of this YouTube channel – with over 350,000 subscribers and each video garnering thousands and even millions of views!

Side note: The media strategist in me also knows that this family is brand endorsement gold! One cute baby wearing your clothing line or playing with your toy is great – five kids with “personality plus” is a jackpot for any company! Watch Five Two Love – The Scotts Family here on YouTube

Another YouTube channel that makes me smile is TwinsthenewTrend. Two brothers listen, comment and review music they never heard or don’t recognize. The music is largely a walk through my “vinyl”collection from my youth (or even tunes of earlier generations ). They start the music and stop it throughout with discussion about the song. Their reactions and feedback are really sincere and also very insightful. I love watching their expressions as they hear Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time or Dolly Parton signing her epic son – Jolene. After 57 MILLION views on their YouTube channel – these guys are bringing their talents to so many who are looking for great fun and entertainment. Bravo to them for being positive and shining stars in 2020!

Do you have any YouTube suggestions that make you smile? Use the comment section below to share with others.

Be well-

~ Louise

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