The Salon – Sneak Peek Week!

A short blog to introduce you to a little project I have been involved with since last Spring 2019 – The Salon Digital Series. Written, directed and produced by my friend, Roxanne Messina Captor. Executive producers include Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, Cheers) and Tom Russo (Blackish). Plus, we have the bonus of Harry Shearer, Kate Linder, Sam Rubin and many other talented actors.

I must admit that having this film project to keep me busy has helped pass the time during the Covid 19 pandemic. And, I wasn’t the only one – as much of the post-production (and the trailer below) was accomplished with the thanks of fancy cyber – technology. (What did we do before ZOOM?)

As with any film project, you hope that people will actually watch. So, here is how you can view and share with others.

ALL six of the short episodes (for a total of 48 minutes) can be found as a preview until MAY 24, 2020 on YouTube. The link is:

The website for tons of info is

And to entice you to watch… here is the Official Trailer for THE SALON DIGITAL SERIES , released TODAY!

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