The Race is ON! Time to #EraseMS

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FACT: Multiple Sclerosis aka MS is a serious neurological disorder.  A disease that has impacted hundreds of thousands, if not millions – worldwide.  For many the first symptoms seem akin to a case of the flu – for others much more severe and acute. Visual problems, difficulty with motoric skills- including walking, vertigo, muscle spasms, tingling of  the extremities, depressive thoughts, headaches all can be “first signs”.  Often striking those in the prime of their lives – 20- 30- 40 years of age and both males and females alike. A friend of mine recently reminded me that nearly everyone is touched by this disease. Whether a family member, school teacher or perhaps a social media acquaintance- this disease knows no limits, demographic boundaries or socio-economic parameters.

How to is the diagnosis made?

Note no single test can be definitive with diagnosing MS.  Many MS informational websites indicate that commonly an MRI, intensive physical exam, lab chemistries, and a “spinal tap” (lumbar puncture to evaluate the cerebral spinal fluid) are ordered to see if the brain has altered severely and is now demonstrating evidence of  the tell – tale signs of MS -damage / changes of the myelin in the brain. (Google search)

Current efforts being made

I know several people who have MS.  I have seen up close and personal their bravery and how they fight the disease while still trying to have a semblance of normalcy in their lives. This week I will honor my friends by dedicating my time as a social media correspondent for the Race to Erase MS fundraiser gala.  It will be my privliege to support the efforts of Nancy Davis, founder of the Race to Erase MS and so many others associated with this organization.  It is all of our hopes that someday soon we will erase multiple sclerosis from the present and put it where it belongs- in the medical history books.

Watch Jack Osborne, who has been impacted by MS in this PSA via

One of the most interesting pieces of the information I found in my preparation for this article is that the Race to Erase MS organization is focused on research, treatment and medical advancements via their  Center Without Walls.  Monies donated to Race to Erase MS have allowed physicians from all across the United States to be able to work in cooperation in order to understand better this disease. In addition, they have achieved break- throughs which have resulted in advanced treatments for MS patients.

From the website this quote seemed to be one of hope and demonstrate the “why” behind this organization:

The landscape of MS…There are now nine drugs with FDA approval to help stop the progression of MS and three more coming out in the very near future. The future is bright for the person being diagnosed today with multiple sclerosis.

How to support Race to Erase MS or learn more about current research efforts?

 See the watch on the top of this article?  This can be YOURS (or other groovy items) from their store. Shopping not your style?  Then check out the other ways you can help or simply share their information to educate others about MS.

Or… simply dedicate a second to TWEET support for the Race to Erase MS efforts! Please use the hashtag #EraseMS in your tweet!

Thank you!


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