Dear 2014 Graduates,

Dear Class of 2014 Graduates,

CONGRATULATIONS! Have you noticed a theme in commencement speeches this year?  Like those from First Lady Michele Obama,  Jim Carrey and John Legend (who sings throughout his speech)?  The themes are quite simple, poignant and introspective.  In the spirit of their words I offer a few words to echo their sentiments and some of my own  pearls of wisdom.  You are invited to add your own words below and to also check out a list of the BEST commencement speeches ever!class of 2014

Successful people surround themselves with people they love and pursue activities they love.

Education is important – period.

Worry is a useless behavior.

Common sense is necessary to succeed in life.

Laugh more.

Put down the electronics and have real discussions with real people in your real life!

Play more- outside!

Be creative or at least go see creative endeavors such as the performing arts or museums.

Be responsible for your actions – don’t pass off your guilty actions on to someone else

Be humble.

Be motivated.

Remember everyone is a teacher and a student – forever.

Don’t be negative in public or on social media- ever.

Thank those around you – you didn’t get here alone!


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