The last weeks of school – how to keep kids motivated to learn?

smallIt is that time of year again when spring break is over and the students are now clamoring for summer vacation. It also is the hardest time of the year for teachers to teach and parents to get their kids to school without complaint.

How can you compete with the sweet smell of grass growing or hours of sunshine?

So, I would love to open this blog up for suggestions on how teachers can entice kids to read just a few more books, learn additional math concepts or allow themselves to create a science project for that end of the year fair. In essence, how to keep kids learning this time of year?!

Parents – What motivates your child to learn? How do you manage to get your child up and out every morning without argument? (Or don’t you?)

Teachers – How do you keep your students to stay on task and remain interested in learning when the outside is so alluring?

Let’s all share and learn from each other… And, for those who teach school year- round, I would love to hear about YOUR techniques for keeping students motivated, too!

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