Happy Spring everyone!  I have been receiving a lot of requests for some of my previous blogs to be “re-blogged” on different sites.  I thought that I would take an opportunity to THANK all of the people who have stopped by to read my musings, share with others and leave positive and constructive comments. 

In case you are curious.. here are the “the ten most requested blogs/ topics” from the past three years when I started routinely blogging.  They are not listed in any certain order AFTER Map Skills which by far won the “race”.  Also, this list is fluid.. in a few weeks it all can change

#1- MAP SKILLS   I guess my frustration over people not having “common sense” and the use of a google image (gave credit) helped bring this one to the top of the list.

#2 Wisdom from Christopher Robin  for Parents of College Freshman    This blog has been requested time and time again.  It is not my favorite personal blog but  reflects the power of SEO (Site Engine Optimization) as  Winnie the Pooh still has a strong fan base and people searching “Christopher Robin” stumble upon my blog!  I’ll take it!


#3  Are YOU on a trip to Holland?  Of all the blogs I have ever posted this is by far the most personal one regarding my son and his premature birth.  My most requested blog which resonates with parents who also have unexpected challenges with the birth of their child.

#4 Hello, now GO AWAY!   I decided that I couldn’t keep silent about my cancer of the thyroid.  I wanted to be in an empowered role and educate others.  I wrote a series of articles regarding my thyroid cancer, my experience with the surgery, post surgery and even hanging out with Top Doc and Junior Docs at Hopkins Hospital.  For the most part I tried to keep it “light”..  This was the first one and again, most requested. To read the related blogs click here: CANCER

#5 Resources for Families with Autistic Children – I am happy to offer this information on a frequent basis if it helps one child or family.  I often blog for other sites on the topic of special needs and Autism.

#6 Raising a Confident teen/tween model How to get started in the “biz” .. the good, bad and ugly.  There are several articles I have written about raising a child who is a professional actor/model/ filmmaker.

#7 BULLY by Patricia Polacco (and other information about Anti-Bullying)    Sadly the topic of bullying is often searched.. thus the number of visitors to this article.

#8 Articles on Disaster Preparedness   ( I  have written numerous blogs on this topic.  Especially concerning the welfare and safety of children and adults with special needs.)  Here is the general link to all DISASTER PREPAREDNESS articles on this blog

#9 Sign Language  Apparently when you write about deafness, deaf children and sign language you drum up a boatload of readers!  So here again is the general link to all the blogs referencing sign language and topics related to deafness. SIGN LANGUAGE


#10  Guest bloggers..

This last spot is dedicated to guest bloggers.  Jennifer Heicklen’s wrote a very passionate blog about the risks First Responders take when people do not heed warnings about mandatory evacuations.  Her article on the heels of Hurricane Sandy struck a chord with many and resulted in her receiving national press.  (The article was first written as a letter to the editor for  a Philadelphia based publication)

Read Jennifer Martelle Heicklin’s article here

Zaneta Barton also wrote a blog about her experiences with raising deaf children.  This article resonated the feelings of many parents.  Read Zaneta’s blog 

Read these and other guest blogs (including by Kidlutions owner, Wendy Young  here  GUEST BLOGS)


Again, thank you for reading my blog and please let me know if you have recommendations for topics, want to be a guest blogger and/or have a favorite article that was covered on this blog.

Have a groovy day!


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