Off Voices… a Groundbreaking SWITCHED AT BIRTH EPISODE


What happens when a deftly drafted television program script has lots of lines for actors to say.. but not to voice?


Well, if you are a fan of the ABCFAMILY  show Switched At Birth you have probably heard the buzz that this coming Monday, March 4th, the episode will have lots of lines for actors.. just in SIGN only!

This all ASL, no voice episode, is groundbreaking, innovative and thrilling for those of us who live, love or work within the deaf community!

Check your local listings about when this episode will air near you.

Video rebroadcast is via the ABCFAMILY website.  There is additional content that includes video interviews that are voiced, signed and captioned.

Others have commented on this episode as well, including LATimes, Backstage and National Association for the Deaf.

I hope readers of this blog will join me in watching this show and supporting the pioneer cast and crew involved.

Have a groovy weekend!

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