Falling off the Fiscal and Emotional Cliff

Today in between watching college football games I am also busy awaiting the “verdict” from Congress.  Rather I should say, I am one of millions awaiting “the news”…. Will we or won’t we be falling off the “fiscal cliff”?

I have spent much of the day flipping channels or listening to political pundits and newscasters trying to “spin” our collective future.  My head hurts.

This is what I know…

1. If our Senators and Representatives were students in a high school they would all be in detention for lack of time management,  completing their assignment without penalty to their “grade”, for excessive complaining, and exhibiting unnecessary outbursts.

2. I don’t care if our elected officials  are missing their “New Year’s Holiday”… in fact it gives me great satisfaction that our politicians are inconvenienced.

3. Why is no one talking about  the “emotional cliff” that many will fall over if the fiscal cliff isn’t resolved soon!

4. Not everyone, in fact almost no one, will be entirely happy with the results of any resolution to this economic “debacle”.  There are winners and losers in every game.

5. I would like to see the “cliff” explained in Powerpoint and without all the rhetoric.  I am a visual learner and truly am up to my eyeballs in hearing stats and predictions.  Just SHOW me the flow chart already!

6. I would rather watch football, uninterrupted.  Time to resume pulling my hair out!

Ok, that is my 2 cents worth.  Feel free to write yours below. Please be kind and play nice.

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