REMISSION – To  a cancer patient this is a word that makes your heart sing and your feet want to dance.  Almost two years ago to the day of my writing this blog I had the news that no one likes to get.. “Your test results show that you have cancer.”  If you read this blog on a regular basis you may recall that I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2010 and underwent invasive surgery January 2011.  My story is chronicled in the articles you will find listed below (among others) on this blog.

Two years later and countless more encounters with doctors, patients new to the world of cancer and media folks this is what I have learned…

  • REMISSION is a beautiful world.
  • The longest wait is the one from the moment you take your “tests” until you get your results. It could be a few minutes, days or even weeks. But, if you are like me it is hell whatever the time period.
  • Your story is your own.  Others may have similar circumstances or “know someone” who had cancer “just like you”, but the reality is that everyone has a unique story and that is because the devil- cancer- likes to change its’ course from person to person.
  • Never give up hope and faith.  For some, this is all they have during their battle.
  • Share and educate.  I learned so much from others that was helpful (like lemon drops to soothe the effects of radioactive iodine treatment).

Feel free to comment below so that others can have hope, faith and be educated. THANKS!

~Louise aka “woman in remission”

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