My new addiction to HOME DEPOT

There was a time when shopping meant going to stores like Macy’s, Coldwater Creek or even TARGET.  However, since our purchase of a true “Fixer-Uper” in the South Shores of California, I am trading clothes shopping for …..paint, doors and plumbing supplies!  Goodbye shoe rack, hello shower stalls.  Goodbye scarves and dresses, hello deck railing and paint.

Now for some, home repair is as exciting or even more exciting than shopping for self-indulgent wardrobe additions.  I hope that in time, I will see that getting a new set of ceiling fans is equally special as the new sandals I have been scoping out at DSW.

I will say that staff at  HOME DEPOT  have been very patient with me.  I have visited  HOME DEPOT’S  in at least four states while trying to get a grasp of all the home goods that are out there.  Each time I travel for speaking engagements I seem to find myself in  HOME DEPOT with my iPhone snapping samples of tile, carpet or even appliances. YES.. we are the fools that bought a home that doesn’t even come with a fridge or washer/dryer set.  At least we have a working stove… we think.

In case you are wondering why we picked a Charlie Brown house (one that others overlook, but we found merit)…  note that we are less than a mile to the Pacific Ocean.  The view alone is worth having to scrub paint out of my hair on a daily basis.

So, please be patient as future blogs will chronicle the transformation of our “Charlie Brown House” in to our “little haven by the beach”.

Have a groovy week!  This blog will be on hiatus as I make the trek from metro DC to LA area.

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