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This week I am super excited to have on my radio show as a guest- Debbi Dachinger. I have known this amazing media personality and now author for several years. She never fails to impress. Always one of those who is on the know and so empowering with her deeds and words.
When I first talked to Debbi I was duly impressed with her ability to motivate people. She could lift anyone from a case of self-doubt and send them charging in to the land of  “I CAN DO IT!”
So, if you are one of those people who may feel the need to have a “life – boost” or to get past any mid-life- anything crisis then go ahead and get DARE TO DREAM. Available on her website DeborahDachinger.com or AMAZON.
Here is an excerpt…

Forgiveness Sets You Free

Once upon a time, I convinced myself that not forgiving others meant they couldn ̳t hurt me again. I believed my holding a grudge would remind them they couldn ̳t do that to me without repercussions. I told myself it was for the better, it was self- protection and I thought it was self–caring. But, the truth is, it was sucking the life out of me. I carried each person and each situation around like an energetic garbage bag, slung heavily over my shoulder through each step in my life.
All the reasons I held onto grudges worked against me. Bitterness did not protect me, it burdened me. Grudges did not separate me from anyone harmful; they kept me married to them through my various colors of judgment, condemnation and hate. This behavior didn ̳t allow me to love myself because I was busy destroying others with my thoughts and emotions. Bitterness was a bitter pill I swallowed over and over again and then blamed others for making me gulp. Withholding forgiveness did not end the terrible hurt I felt, it kept the hurt cemented and brought the hurt forward into each day, month and year.
Then I learned there was another way. Engaging in the act of forgiveness changed my life. I learned through doing inner healing work to forgive meant to dissipate and end the actual anger and hurt. Forgiving others took me off the bitter hook, and forgiving made me free.
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