OY My Baby Ears!

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This week I have heard some pretty “interesting” comments while waiting on lines in various stores and restaurants.  All were made by people talking loudly on cell phones and not using any kind of decorum, whatsoever!

My favorite comment came from a woman who was next to me in line at PANERAS Restaurant. She was talking really passionately and loudly on her cell while I ordered my usual Monday morning LARGE coffee.  Without missing a beat she blurted out to her phone caller, Well sex with you isn’t that good either!”.  Talk about bringing an entire restaurants activity to a standstill.  I, mid-grasp of my cup, couldn’t resist the urge to look over to see exactly who was this person that just burned my “baby ears”.  OY VEY!

Now luckily, I am a person of mature age and able to decompress without much fanfare from such an announcement (other than racing home to formulate my blog, that is).  What if this was the day before when there were little kids in the same line at the same time (Yes, I need a 12 step coffee addiction program).   My point, however,  is that in my humble opinion we ALL need to be vigilant about using a censor button when speaking in public.  For me that includes words that can’t be said on regular prime-time television, either.

So, for all of those who feel the need to take their private and saucy conversations in to a public venue –  stop being so immature, selfish and needy.  Go home, go to your car, or go for a walk.  But, let our kids be kids without all the verbal pollution.

Thanks for allowing me to respectfully rant.  Feel free to express your humble opinions below.

One thought on “OY My Baby Ears!

  1. Ha. I love the photo at top! So funny. Wow… I can’t imagine sharing that personal info in public. Furthermore, I actually love my husband so I also can’t imagine saying such a thing. LOL. I was sitting in the DR’s office last week, waiting for a preggo check-up and I looked around the room. Every single person there (other than Rick and I) was using a hand-held device: iPhone, etc. No couple was talking (other than Rick and I). I looked over at him and said, “No one makes eye contact any more.” I think these devices that we love so dearly have caused many folks to become desensitized to polite behavior and appropriate public-talk. It’s as though people think that they are living inside their phones and no one else can hear them. You are right… quite immature and stupid. I miss eye contact and grown-up mature people! 🙂

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